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Ray Bowers

Ray Bowers

Bohemian Biker LLC was formed out of a desire to engage in a business that would involve interaction among those worldwide who share our love of leading the life of a Biker – enter our Bohemian Biker Blog. A niche revolving around the simple SAE 2 Pin connector emerged from our frequent use of portable solar charging equipment and motorcycle battery maintenance equipment . Recognizing opportunities for uses beyond the current, we set out to communicate these opportunities to fellow bikers, provide a forum for discussion of this and related topics, and make SAE 2 Pin connectors, equipment and components available at a reasonable price.
We wrote the above back in March of 2009, and since then we’ve learned much, changed some, and grown quite a bit. We have expanded our internet presence to a total of 3 Blogs, and added an ecommerce store. The 2 additional Blogs enable us to more effectively interact on topics related to our niche – SAE 2 Pin connectors & leads, Battery Tenders and Portable Solar Chargers, as well as topics of interest to the Biker. Our Solar Capitalist LLC ecommerce store provides an efficient means of obtaining the electrical gear we discuss. Bohemian Biker LLC is the company name under which we have quality SAE 2 Pin assemblies manufactured here in the United States. We still carryout sales as Bohemian Biker LLC under certain circumstances – to past customers who’ve made contact with us on that basis, and at motorcycle events, for example.
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