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Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers

by on Apr.12, 2009, under Solar

Portable Solar Chargers offer the ability to “Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy” – they provide the means to generate electricity using the sun’s rays.  Pictured above are the members of the the SUNLINQ line of portable solar chargers manufactured by Global Solar.

Global’s portable solar chargers are widely used not only by military personnel in remote locations, but by many others in civilian applications, as well.  Any application precipitating the need to charge a battery/hand held electronics in the field (e.g., communication devices, photography equipment, or navigation equipment such as a GPS unit),  could potentially be addressed with a portable solar charger.

For the sake demonstration, here’s a potential scenario in which one of these folding (therefore packable) solar chargers could serve the motorcyclist.  Say you’re traveling on a motorcycle trip (or maybe you’re an expedition biker), and you’re spending your nights tent camping along the way.  Maybe through the night you’d like to be able to tap into your motorcycle’s battery as a source of 12 volt power for one thing or another – charging handheld electronics, etc.  Using one of these portable solar chargers…with whatever sun remains when you make camp…and then the sunshine available the next morning…you could be trickle charging your motorcycle’s battery back up to full power…even while still tapping into the power for the charging of the handheld electronic device.

Setting aside the above scenario, I’d like to be able to say that if you found your motorcycle’s battery “dead”…lacking the power to crank over the engine…miles from any services, as well as a 110 volt outlet and a battery charger…you have a solution here (obviously, there may be the possibility of getting a jump off another bike).  I’d stop short of saying one of these portable solar chargers would be the answer.  You would be able you to trickle charge your motorcycle’s battery, but I’d hesitate to say you could bring a “dead” battery up to a charge level that will facilitate cranking over the engine…in an amount of time that would suit your needs in a situation such as this.

CAUTION – Do not attempt to start a motorcycle, i.e., crank the engine over…while still connected to a solar charger!  There is not sufficient power generated by a portable solar charger to run a starter and start your engine…and..the amperage draw will overload the light conductors.  This will no doubt “blow” the fuse of a Battery Tender Quick Connect – if it’s of…or near…the proper value – usually 7.5 amps.

Over some period of time…(depending on such variables as the intensity of the sun, orientation to the sun, shading, and the parameters of your specific solar charger, etc.)…one of these portable solar chargers will “trickle charge” your battery.  They are often used to “maintain” the healthy charge level of a battery during periods of no, or minimal use…such as a vehicle left at the airport for an extended amount of time…or a boat with a bilge pump running from time to time.   Considering the sophistication of the electronics of a Deltran Battery Tender, I’d offer that one of these units is a much better choice for something like your prized motorcycle put up for the winter…if you do that!

Friends, these portable solar chargers were pivotal in my recognition of the common link between motorcycle battery maintenance equipment and the majority of portable solar equipment – the SAE 2 Pin connector.

When I became a Global Solar dealer and began handling their line of portable solar chargers and accessories, I soon noticed that the connector on the output of Deltran Battery Tenders and Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers was the same – an SAE 2 Pin connector.   This awakened me to a “blinding flash of the obvious” – not only could a portable solar charger be connected directly to a motorcycle’s battery via the fused “Quick Connect” (normally left connected to the battery), but this connector opened up a whole range of possibilities with respect to tapping into the power of a motorcycle’s battery and charging system.

Along with a Global Solar  SUNLINQ Portable Solar Charger comes a 5 piece accessory cable kit including:  12 volt power port, 12 volt power plug, and battery terminal clamp cables, as well as an 8 foot extension and a COAX “male” 2.5 mm barrel connector adaptor.  The 5 piece accessory kits alone facilitate a wide range of useful operations.

For example, the 12 volt power port x SAE 2 Pin connector cable can be used to access 12 volt power for a cell phone charger.  The 12 volt power plug could be used the trickle charge a motorcycle battery off a vehicle with a 12 volt battery and power port.  The battery terminal clamp cable could also be used to trickle charge a motorcycle battery off the 12 volt battery of another vehicle.

Since the components of these accessory kits can be indespensible on their own, we make them available through our eBay store (see link below).   Through our eBay store we also make available a heavier, more durable 8 foot extension, as well as a “Y” cable which facilitates either “dual input” or “dual output”.  In addition, we make the Deltran “Quick Connect” with integral 7.5 amp fuse and 5/16″ ring terminals available there.  For those applications where less capacity is required, there is a generic battery “quick connect” with an integral 3 amp fuse and 1/4″ ring terminals.   25 foot extension cords with SAE 2 Pin connectors are available for applications involving greater distances for access, or positioning (for example, orientation to the sun for maximum exposure).

For several years, we’ve been providing customers all over the world with access to Global solar chargers, as well as related equipment.

Contact Ray Bowers via call or text at: 302-562-1706 or email at:

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Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, as well as Portable Solar Chargers


Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !



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