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SAE 2 Pin “Hot Socket” Adaptor

by on Apr.21, 2009, under SAE 2 Pin


An application that a customer brought to our attention for a COAX male “barrel” x SAE 2 Pin cable assembly (component of 5 piece accessory kit) prompted us to develop a do-it-yourself kit to facilitate the assembly of this adaptor. 

The DIY “Hot Socket” Kit includes: (2) SAE 2-pin connectors (as described below) plus (2) sections of heat shrinkable tubing (HST) to aid in making up a neat assembly.

     (2)   SAE 2-pin connectors with 6″ (+/- 1/4″) pigtail leads. 

              18 AWG red wire with PVC insulation leading to protected (+) socket.

              18 AWG white wire with PVC insulation leading to exposed (-) pin.

Connecting “red wire to red wire”…”white wire to white wire”…will result in an assembly with a “hot (+) positive socket” at each end for applications in which this is desired.  This essentially reverses polarity…in that…if you have an SAE 2 Pin with the “exposed” male pin as the “hot” (+) positive (for example, at the output end of a Deltran Battery Tender)…and you wanted to accomplish having a “hot” (+) positive “protected” female socket…this “Hot Socket” Adaptor provides that result.

This assembly could be used in applications in which there is a desire to make a transition from an SAE 2-pin connector with an “unprotected” hot (+) positive “male” pin to an SAE 2-pin connector with a “protected” hot (+) positive “female” socket at the resulting end.  Potential applications for one of these assemblies need to be carefully thought out with respect to polarity !!!

Here’s an application in which we are aware of purchasers applying this adaptor:  If it was one’s desire to connect a Deltran Battery Tender to a battery via an already installed heated clothing type COAX connector pigtail…using the “barrel connector” included in our 5-piece Accessory Cable Kit…this adaptor would provide the necessary adaptation.  Noting…and cautioning…that the normal 7.5 amp fuse protection of the Deltran type Quick Connect would be circumvented…and you would be banking on the heated clothing pigtail’s inline fuseholder/fuse (a higher value/inadequate protection…unless the fuse was swapped out to provide the normal 7.5 amp protection).  We cannot recommend or condone this practice, but we are aware that some purchasers are using this adaptor in this way.

There are other applications for this handy adaptor that come to mind.  For example, our Power Port Plug x SAE 2 Pin cable assembly (another component of the 5 piece accessory cable kit).  We have a customer that wants to put this plug assembly on the output of his Battery Tender, and plug it into the lighter socket to maintain the battery of a car he stores.  Once again, the configuration difference between the SAE 2 Pin on the end of the Battery Tender output and the power port plug assembly present a similar application for the “Hot Socket” adaptor.

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