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by on Jun.25, 2010, under Hello World!

Been a while since I posted last – caught up in daily business routines, product development, a few road trips, as well as…recovering from the loss of my Dad back in March.

Here’s a stab at updating !!!  We now have a ready supply 0f SAE 2 Pin connectors with 12 AWG pigtails (red & black insulation) – both “power side” and “load side” !!!


One big accomplishment on the new product development front has been SAE 2 Pin Connectors with 10 AWG wire – allowing us to carry much higher amperages !!!

Not only have we had 12″ pigtail assemblies manufactured, but 5′, 8′, and 10′ jumper/extension assemblies, as well !!!



So…think about the possibilities !!!

We made these up with all Black insulation to minimize variations, and faciltate use in a number of applications without violation of insulation/polarity standards.

Supplying these assemblies…along with ring terminals and miniature “alligator” style battery terminal clamps…paves the way for Do-it-Yourselfers to address several heavier applications.

With a little ingenuity…a convenient means of jump starting one bike off another could even be put together.

As always…strict attention to polarity is of the utmost importance !!!


A couple more recent additions !!!

Here’s a specialty “Right Angle” 12V Power Port Plug for those situations in which “that’s the ticket” !!!



And…here’s a 12V Power Port USB Adapter we have recently added to our line.



While we’re on the topic of USB adaptability…

Check out this Globle Solar SUNLINQ USB Plus Solar Charger


A couple recent road trips have driven home the need for “on the go” charging capability.

My new iPhone seems to always be looking for more go juice…


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