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by on Mar.11, 2011, under Thoughts

Thought I’d share a few thoughts on this topic, since I definitely have some.

First – I’d like to share that to my surprise, I am often encouraged to look for an offshore source of products.  Seems that for some, the desire for cheap hardware exceeds any concerns with respect to the bigger picture for America.

I will take this opportunity to clarify that I am a strong proponent of the swiftly growing global economy.  Never-the-less, I am committed to a strong America.

Early on, I was blessed with the help of an elderly representative with one of the first manufacturing firms I contacted – a manufacturer here in the U.S.A.

This gentleman seemed to recognize and appreciate my entrepreneurial spirit and determination, and he was not only very helpful to me… but patient.

He has since retired, but I will never forget how he encouraged me along in my early attempts to carve out a niche.

One of the things he did was take me serious enough to manufacture samples for me, and then allow me to place small initial orders…as necessary to get my little gig going.

To me…this was the kind of business relationship building that makes all the difference in the world.  This firm remains my most counted-upon for manufacturering to this day.

This is exactly the manner in which I planned to behave in building my company’s business relationships, and I have.  Not only do I maintain a similar spirit with my customers, but I have extended the same to other suppliers with whom I am associated.  I’ve long known – strong and enjoyable business relationships are personal relationships.

I am pleased with the business relationships I have built.  Oh, there have been suppliers with whom…after a while…I realized a strong and enjoyable business relationship wasn’t in the cards…and I moved on.

What supporting a good business relationship looks like to me is “saying what you’re going to do…and doing what you said you’re going to do”, i.e., doing business with integrity.

Back to the topic of “Made in America” – I’ve often thought attempts to “Buy American” were a bit futile.  For example, buying an “American” car or truck, only to realize that many of the component parts are made offshore.

Many of my suppliers no doubt utilize foreign manufacturing facilities – that is a sign of the times.

Conversely, as long as I can find an American  manufacturer that turns out quality products, at reasonable prices, and in quatities I can handle…they will be my 1st choice.

I’m also all about participating in the Global Economy, not only in terms of selling abroad, but…when necessary, buying as well.  For example, there may be times when a component or assembly is no longer available here in the states.

So, getting back to individuals encouraging me to seek cheaper manufacturers abroad – no thanks.

I will continue to support domestic manufacturers to the greatest extent possible.

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