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Our Sweet and Simple 12 Volt Power Port x SAE 2 Pin Connector – A Popular Motorcycle Accessory

by on Feb.26, 2012, under Accessories, Application, SAE 2 Pin

Our 12V Power Port Adapter Assembly allows a Biker to tap into his or her motorcycle battery and charging system’s 12 Volt power while on the go.  This handy adapter assembly is designed to specifically address the needs of the Biker with a motorcycle not outfitted with a faring/dash mounted power port.  It facilitates convenient connection to an installed Battery Tender Fused Quick Connect pigtail, and thereby it allows the Biker to charge handheld electronics, such as a cell phone.


Sweet, Simple & Secure – the beauty of this setup is the ability to stow all involved components in an adjacent saddlebag.  In fact,  the design length of our assembly was set on that basis.  We chose SPT-1 cord with 18 AWG leads to minimize thickness –  thereby allowing the ability to close a hard case saddlebag across it without excessively stressing the hinges.  Often using this setup myself, I find it works very well for me.  In the event of traveling rain, obviously this setup would negatively impact the seal and should be avoided.

Not long for reaching 2000 of these assemblies sold, with nothing but positive feedback, continued popularity and sales are certain for this conveniently useful piece of electrical gear.  Many a do-it-yourself type has cobbled together a similar assembly, and it was just a matter of us taking on the manufacture of an optimally designed assembly a little more than 3 years ago.

Cheap insurance at our bargain price of $4.95 + shipping (less than $2.00 for USPS 1st Class shipping here in the US).  One of these adapters could very well save the day in the event yo find yourself in need of a means of communication and your cell phone battery is D-E-A-D.

Here’s a suggestion – consider talking it up with with friends such that you could assemble an order and share the cost of shipping.  Six or eight could still ship via economical USPS 1st Class Mail, 10 or 12 could ship via USPS Priority Flat Rate small box for $5.35.

We were pleased to see our industry partner – Deltran, bring their model to the table.  Outfitted with a 5 foot cord and a tethered cap for the power port socket – this is a great alternative.  A bargain as well at our price of $8.95 + shipping, we carry this model for those desiring its particular features.  This model facilitates the hot set up for a tank bag, or rally bag.

Please comment or email any questions or concerns – we welcome email at:

These and other products are available through our e-commerce website at:  

Here are the links directly to the above assemblies:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as the above, Deltran Battery Tenders & accessories, and Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers & accessories.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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Experiences with the Patriot Guard Riders

by on Feb.22, 2012, under Thoughts

Back a few years, I made a new friend as we were gathered at our local H-D dealer for a benefit ride.  Actually, I made friends with this fellow and his wife.  They intrigued me – not only had they traveled out west on a bike trip, but they were also active with the Patriot Guard Riders… In fact, he is a PGR Ride Captain.

As of my first Miles For Minutes ride a few years ago, I’ve been hooked on rides that support Our Troops.  There was even a thank you “Fly-By” over Hooter’s Bike Night that week…complete with a crew member waving at us from the lowered cargo bay ramp (tethered-off of course)!  The ride and that fly-by both brought me to the verge of tears…

So that was the beginning of my dedication along these lines…then along came Jann, with the same dedication.  Together we make it a point to ride in support of Law Enforcement and Firefighters, as well as our Military.  That’s on top of participating in rides that support other important causes we hold dear.  Somewhere along the way, I had heard about Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) running interference on troublemakers at military funerals, and this had me even more interested in participating (especially considering our proximity Dover Air Force Base, where the bodies of many Fallen Heroes arrive back here in the states).

Jann & I went on the PGR website and signed up.  I received periodic emails concerning planned “missions,” and mostly I thought to myself, “I’d like to participate, but I’m not quite sure what is expected of me…”  Then one day came an email from the PGR State Captain.  Basically, he was hoping to rally increased participation.  I responded with an email explaining that I wanted to participate, but was a little apprehensive about not knowing exactly what was expected, and that I would appreciate buddying-up with a member that would be willing to show me the ropes.  He assigned a PGR Road Captain to that role. Him and I hit it off from the start, and that laid the groundwork for the beginning of my participation in PGR Missions.

My first mission was near the end of December, weather-wise a pretty ugly day.  The PGR Road Captain and I were in close communication, and agreed to “cage-it.”  Our main function was to establish a Flag Line.  So, the lack of Iron Horses would not much matter.  We assembled at the agreed upon McDonald’s, and I was guided through the process each step of the way (including the lending of a Flag).  This mission was carried out at the Veteran’s Cemetery – Delaware, near Summit Bridge.  The family and friends of the Honored, although solemn, were clearly appreciative of our presence.  It was a very moving experience to be present to honor this veteran’s service, and once again – I was hooked.

That my own father, Raymond Bowers, is buried in this very cemetery, and fellow HOG Chapter member buried his father directly adjacent to mine, made this first mission with the Patriot Guard Riders be all the more meaningful to me.

Weeks later came a call from the PGR Road Captain concerning a mission that would take us to Arlington Cemetery.  On this mission I would meet and ride with PGR State Captain.  We met early for breakfast on the morning of the mission, and had a chance to get further acquainted.  Men of similar age with a mission and riding in common, we hit it off from the start.

I’m sure the two of them wondered, “How is this guy going to do riding in formation with us?”  Being no stranger to riding in staggered formation, I did fine – kept tight enough to keep cage drivers from attempting to “shoe horn” their way in between us, stayed alert, and in my position.

Arriving early, we had an opportunity to meet the other PGR members present (mostly men, but a few ladies – all friendly and devoted to this mission).  The Mission Captain covered our assignment, including details of the procedure for entering and traveling through the military base and cemetery.  We established a Flag Line in front of the chapel, and followed the queues of the military personnel.  Both PGR members themselves, the husband of the deceased military woman asked that we file in right behind the hearse as the procession made its way into Arlington and to the grave site.  Graveside, we stood in a line honoring the deceased veteran.  Upon the completion of the graveside service, the thoughtful husband shook the hand and thanked each and every one of us.

Truth is, I am not a veteran.  Sometimes I wish I too had served Our Country.  As things went, when I was coming up on those years my Dad made it extremely clear what was expected of me.  There would be no enlisting; I would go to college.  My Dad had grave fears of me going to Vietnam, which was understandable.  Although I did register, the draft was pretty much over by the time I turned eighteen.  Nonetheless, patriotism and honoring those that have served Our Country is of key importance to me.  I would attribute this mostly to my years in Scouting, and becoming an Eagle Scout.  Being a patriotic citizen is one of the things that have remained with me throughout my life.  I can’t help but feel somewhat lacking in the company of those that served.  It’s not the result of anything they do or say.  It’s just the way it is.

My third mission was a much happier occasion – welcoming the 126th back home to Delaware.  There were quite a few of us when we established a Flag Line along the driveway.  It was a cold nasty morning, but we endured.  Once everyone was inside, we assembled a Flag Line in a hallway through which the members of the would enter.  After Senators Chris Coons and former Governor Tom Carper came though, the 126th was led in by the Delaware State Police Pipe and Drum Team.  It was pretty exciting experience to be there!

Recently, one of the PGR mission notifications included the following quote across the bottom:

“Lest I keep my complacent way I must remember somewhere out there a person died for me today.  As long as there must be war, I ask and I must answer, was I worth dying for?”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote currently seems especially appropriate.  Taking the opportunity to honor Fallen Heroes and those that have served Our Country is such an important thing to be done, yet takes but a small amount of our time and effort relative to what they have contributed.

I asked about keeping a log of missions, and was told something that stuck in my head – “the most important mission is the one we’re doing right now.”  Once said , it dawned on me that each Fallen Hero and every one that served, deserves for the mission honoring them to be the most important one.

A few notes – PGR is not a club – We are volunteers invited by the family of the deceased.  There are 400+ members in Delaware, and over 450,000 members nationally.

Please take a look at the PGR website:  …and join US in assembling to Honor those that have Served Our Country – if you are so inclined!

As always, in addition to your comments here… your comments (and questions) are welcome via email to:

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Heated Clothing COAX x SAE 2 Pin Adapter Assembly Stock

by on Feb.21, 2012, under COAX

Our Heated Clothing COAX x SAE 2 Pin Adapter Assembly has been popular over the past years, and we increased our stock stock in preparation for early Spring 2012 riders!

This handy adapter assembly allows those who would like to avoid installing a 2nd Quick Connect pigtail – in addition to their Deltran Battery Tender Fused Quick Connect pigtail.

In other words, if in lieu of installing the COAX Quick Connect assembly that accompanied your heated clothing, you’d rather tap into your bike’s battery and charging system power via your existing Battery Tender pigtail – we’ve got the adapter for you!

This Heated Clothing COAX x SAE 2 Pin Adapter Assembly couples to the SAE 2 Pin end of your Battery Tender pigtail, making it a quick and convenient alternative to the Heated Clothing Quick Connect assembly.

Understand, you will be limited by the 7.5 amp fuse integral to your Deltran Battery Tender Fused Quick Connect pigtail.  Therefore, you won’t be able to stack up multiple pieces of heated clothing.  You should be fine powering a pair of heated gloves, but it’s important to consult the literature accompanying your heated clothing for the specific amperage draw.

I’ve hooked up and powered my girlfriend Jann’s (Tourmaster) heated gloves in this manner many times with no problem whatsoever.  I generally couple-up the assembly before I mount up (taking a few loops around the rear highway bar adjacent to where my Battery Tender pigtail hangs), and hand the gloves to Jann after she climbs on board.

For additional information (including pictures), please scroll down to similarly titled post dated 4/5/09 (below) under COAX Category.

Please also comment or email any questions or concerns – we welcome email at:

These and other products are available through our e-commerce website at:  

Here’s the link directly to the above assembly:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as the above, Deltran Battery Tenders & accessories, and Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers & accessories.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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A Walk in the Woods

by on Feb.13, 2012, under Afield

Finally, I took the time for a Walk in the Woods…

While outside the house early this morning, the sound of a Pileated Woodpecker rattling his (or her) brains caught my ear…

It was like the thunder of a Harley to my ears, I was hooked…  I had to go…  So, I put on my boots and headed for the woods…

Lucky me, the woods I grew up fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, and of course – dirt biking in… is now a state park – preserved, and accessible…

I had been hearing heavy equipment down at the bridge, and figured they were back dealing with erosion…  Sure enough, they were…

I struck up a conversation with the supervisor, who turned out to be a backpacker…  He clued me in on something I hadn’t known – there are people that will shuttle you back to your vehicle when hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Talking to this fella, reminded me of backpacking as an application for our Global Solar SUNLINQ portable solar chargers…  I’ll be thinking about that on my walk.

I chuckled to him before I left that the old wood, steel, and concrete bridge hadn’t seemed to have any problem standing up to the years of storms…  but in the few years since this new concrete bridge had been built, crews have been back several times to deal with erosion – LOL

The trails are pretty much the same as they were when I was a kid…  Wasn’t long before I jumped a half dozen deer – in one of the usual places…  A small amount of snow left on the ground from a few days ago, made seeing them all the easier…

Wow – it felt good to finally be out for a walk in the woods…  When I was younger, it was more the rule rather than the exception…  Gonna have to do something about that…  Too good for my head to not be doing it regularly…

I came across a couple of the old stone foundations I remember finding when my buddies and I began exploring deeper and deeper into new areas…  Fond memories…

Heard a few more Pileated Woodpeckers, and several Flickers…  Eventually, I jumped up another group of deer…

Alone with my thoughts, I began thinking of backpackers as a market group again…  Maybe it would be worthwhile to offer a free Global Solar SUNLINQ USB Plus portable solar charger to the first backpacker to post a comment to this post – telling me they’d like to try one out.  I know I’ve sold them to backpackers, but I haven’t found them to be bloggers…  That wouldn’t be that much to ask of the winner… a comment saying they’d like to take me up on the offer…  and maybe one in followup to say how they like it, how it’s working for them, etc…

These portable solar chargers are great for maintaining a charge on hand held electronics – cell phone, iPhone, GPS, etc.  Certainly of interest to those who make wilderness trips canoeing, kayaking, rafting, or simply camping.

So, how about it…???  Any wilderness trekers willing to take me up on an offer like that…???

Email welcome at:

Additional information and interaction available at our other blog site:

Products are available via our ecommerce store at:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company specializing in the Deltran line of Battery Tenders and accessories(including solar powered units), Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers and accessories, as well as, SAE 2 Pin connectors, leads, and cable assemblies.

Bohemian Biker LLC and Solar Capitalist LLC are authorized dealers for both the Global Solar and Deltran lines of products.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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New Blogsite – SAE 2 Pin

by on Feb.10, 2012, under Hello World!, SAE 2 Pin

We recently went live with our new Blogsite – SAE 2 Pin

You can visit this website at

As the name indicates, our newest Blog is acutely focused on the SAE 2 Pin connector.

What differentiates this new blogsite from the Bohemian Biker Blog is that it exclusively addresses the SAE 2 Pin connector, without the Bikes & Biker association.  A review of our SAE 2 Pin blog’s Categories (shown across the top of its posts and pages) will provide quick insight into the differences.

We have long felt that a website of this focus would benefit those with an interest.  Whether that interest be brought on by a planned 12 volt wiring project, or use of SAE 2 Pin outfitted equipment.

Recognizing the importance of understanding inherant issues like polarity, there exists plenty of room for a forum addressing such topics.   Our new blogsite is that forum.  Open to both those wishing to share their knowledge, as well as questions and suggested topics from the less experienced.

We hope you’ll visit our newest website, and comment often !!!

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