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Deltran Battery Tender® Wireless Battery Monitor

by on Jul.23, 2017, under Battery Tenders

Wireless Battery Monitor

Deltran Wireless Battery Monitor

Wow – Deltran sure is making strides at bringing innovative products to the Battery Tender® marketplace!

A “Wireless Battery Monitor” that gives you the power to connect your battery to the Internet.

This Wi-Fi Battery Monitor, connected it to your home Wi-Fi network, sends alerts about your battery right to your iOS or Android device.

You simply download the iOS or Android app, gain an Internet connection, and check in on your battery whenever you want.

Deltran’s New line of Battery Tender® charger/maintainers can be controlled from anywhere.

Here’s an excerpt from a Deltran’s Blog post on titled “We’re Connecting Batteries to the Internet”: IoT (Internet of Things) technology is still in its infancy but we’re already able to have a battery report its state of charge and alert you when it isn’t performing as well as it should.

The post goes on to say: Our battery monitoring technology is currently able to test a battery’s voltage and warn you if your battery isn’t performing as well as it should. The alert sent to your iOS or Android device will give you a chance to have your battery tested before it fails. In time, we want our battery monitors to accurately predict a battery failure days or weeks ahead of a problem. You will be able to have your battery replaced long before you get stuck without a working vehicle because of a dead battery. That’s what we’re working towards and that’s the reason why this technology is revolutionary.

You can read the full blog post here:

Here’s the link to this product on Deltran’s website:

We’ll be ordering a few of these Deltran Wireless Battery Monitors to have on hand.

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Desulfation of Lead-Acid Batteries

by on Jul.22, 2017, under Battery Tenders

Sulfation, which occurs in all lead-acid batteries, is the formation of sulfate crystals on the plates of a battery.

The rate at which these sulfate crystals form can increase with certain combinations of dis-use (for example – excessive draw down…or leaving battery in a low-charge condition), temperature, and charging technique.

A battery will both sulfate…and…desulfate…more quickly at warmer temperatures.

Sulfation is at least curbed by a process called “desulfation”…partially restoring the battery’s ability to hold a charge.

Desulfation  is a “pulse conditioning” charge technique, involving the application of high current pulses.  This technique is employed in an effort to break down sulfate crystals which have formed on a battery’s plates.

Automated means such as “microcontrollers” are often used to regulate pulses of varying widths and frequencies…since it takes significant time to desulfate a battery.

Much more can be learned on the Deltran Battery Tender website at:

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Lots of discussion of SAE 2 Pin Connectors (widely used in the battery maintenance product industry) at:

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Access Motorcycle 12 Volt Power to Charge Cell Phone

by on Jul.22, 2017, under Accessories

Our 1st product, the Bohemian Biker 12V Power Port x SAE 2 Pin Connector assembly, has become widely popular among Bikers!

Cheap insurance, don’t You think?

When doing business out of a vendor booth at a Biker Event, where customers often ask questions about these – the look on their faces when I tell them $5.00 is one of “Five bucks… that’s all… are you kidding me…???”

I admit, offering them at that price they are intended to be a bit of a “loss leader” – with the hope customers will look further into our line of products. But, our intention is to keep prices very reasonable – period. No one wants to pay a high price for something, even if they’ve had a hard time finding it. That’s also why we use economical USPS 1st Class mail whenever possible. After all, who wants to pay as much for shipping as they do for the product?

Once you have one, you might just find a home for it in your saddlebag. Chances are, someday down the road it’ll come in handy in dealing with an inopportune dead cell phone battery. Just think of your “Hero” status upon being the one to pull this gizmo out when the need occurs.

Who doesn’t know the helpless feeling that comes when standing there with a dead cell phone – when you need to use it…???

Once in a while, I get questioned about the possibility of draining of one’s battery. Trust me, I’ve left a cell phone charging off my bike’s battery while I was away from the bike for several hours – no problem… Now, I can think of conditions under which one might not get away with this – a la, battery in poor state of charge, charging system not working properly, etc…

I’ll also admit, I’ve started my bike and rode for hours with my cell phone charging off the bike in my saddlebag. There are probably schools of thought that say “don’t do that”, but I do… This may be counter to cell phone manufacturer’s recommendations, but I do it in cars and trucks – no problem. The other consideration might be stealing away from your bike’s charging capacity. If your particular bike’s charging capacity is marginal with respect to loads – you may experience a problem.

In support of my beliefs and experiences above, with pushing several thousand of these assemblies out there being used – no one has come back to me with a story of a problem. Considering this a Blog providing the ability for customers to comment – we see no comments reporting any issues.

Also consider the fact that Deltran, the industry leader in battery maintenance with their line of Battery Tender models, offer a 12V Power Port x SAE 2 Pin connector. In fact, I know of H-D dealers offering these products. Obviously, if their use was an issue – they would be throwing up the flag.

Also consider that some bikers are piling on heated clothing loads, as well. Yet another battery connected quick connect pigtail accessing a bike’s 12 volt battery and charging system power.

So, the concept of tapping into a motorcycle electrical system is nothing new. Although it does need be to be done with forethought and care. Polarity, and fuse protection being two key issues.

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, the Deltran Quick Connect assembly has an integral fuse holder and a 7.5 amp fuse. Therefore, loads need to be limited to less than a total draw of 7.5 amps. Although you won’t approach that maximum with a cell phone charger, you may if you attempt to run a portable tire pump – I’ve seen where some 12V tire pumps draw 8 amps.

With respect to polarity, we have discussed that topic in previous posts, as well. Our Power Port Assembly is of the necessary polarity to work correctly when coupled to a properly installed Deltran Fused Quick Connect pigtail.

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