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Desulfation of Lead-Acid Batteries

by on Jul.22, 2017, under Battery Tenders

Sulfation, which occurs in all lead-acid batteries, is the formation of sulfate crystals on the plates of a battery.

The rate at which these sulfate crystals form can increase with certain combinations of dis-use (for example – excessive draw down…or leaving battery in a low-charge condition), temperature, and charging technique.

A battery will both sulfate…and…desulfate…more quickly at warmer temperatures.

Sulfation is at least curbed by a process called “desulfation”…partially restoring the battery’s ability to hold a charge.

Desulfation  is a “pulse conditioning” charge technique, involving the application of high current pulses.  This technique is employed in an effort to break down sulfate crystals which have formed on a battery’s plates.

Automated means such as “microcontrollers” are often used to regulate pulses of varying widths and frequencies…since it takes significant time to desulfate a battery.

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