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Panel Bulkhead 2 Pin Surface Mount w/ Extension – 12 AWG

by on Feb.01, 2017, under Application

In response to a specific Customer request, We put together this assembly.

Panel Bulkhead Surface Mount 2 Pin w/ Enhanced Grip Extension - 12 AWG

Panel Bulkhead Surface Mount 2 Pin w/ Enhanced Grip Extension – 12 AWG

An aspect that makes this assembly particularly useful is that a 13/16″ hole drilled in a panel, bulkhead, or other surface, as necessary to install this Surface Mount Connector, allows our Enhanced Grip Connector body to pass through, as well. This facilitates a very cool installation!

This assembly is of particular benefit to those building a portable power unit with a battery in a battery box. The polarity is set up such that the Enhanced Grip Connector couples correctly with a properly installed Fused Battery Quick Connect. The Surface Mount connector provides an output of the proper polarity.

Surface Mount 2 Pin with Extension showing Polarity

Surface Mount 2 Pin with Extension showing Polarity

For necessary protection, “Battery Quick Connect” assemblies have an integral fuse holder for fuse sized to protect the circuit components, generally based on the current carrying capacity of the conductors. This assembly being 12 AWG, we offer a 12 AWG Fused Quick Connect, as well. Your choice of fuse value can be based on your particular application components, but is limited to the ampacity of 12 AWG.

Fused 2 Pin Battery Quick Connect 12 AWG

Fused 2 Pin Battery Quick Connect 12 AWG

For now, we’re making soldered connections protected with shrink tubing to produce this assembly. If the benefits and value we’re seeing in this assemby become recognized and result in sufficient level of sales, we will produce a manufacturing process finished product.

Surface Mount w Extension showing soldered junctions with heat shrink

Surface Mount w Extension showing soldered junctions with heat shrink

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Our Sweet and Simple 12 Volt Power Port x SAE 2 Pin Connector – A Popular Motorcycle Accessory

by on Feb.26, 2012, under Accessories, Application, SAE 2 Pin

Our 12V Power Port Adapter Assembly allows a Biker to tap into his or her motorcycle battery and charging system’s 12 Volt power while on the go.  This handy adapter assembly is designed to specifically address the needs of the Biker with a motorcycle not outfitted with a faring/dash mounted power port.  It facilitates convenient connection to an installed Battery Tender Fused Quick Connect pigtail, and thereby it allows the Biker to charge handheld electronics, such as a cell phone.


Sweet, Simple & Secure – the beauty of this setup is the ability to stow all involved components in an adjacent saddlebag.  In fact,  the design length of our assembly was set on that basis.  We chose SPT-1 cord with 18 AWG leads to minimize thickness –  thereby allowing the ability to close a hard case saddlebag across it without excessively stressing the hinges.  Often using this setup myself, I find it works very well for me.  In the event of traveling rain, obviously this setup would negatively impact the seal and should be avoided.

Not long for reaching 2000 of these assemblies sold, with nothing but positive feedback, continued popularity and sales are certain for this conveniently useful piece of electrical gear.  Many a do-it-yourself type has cobbled together a similar assembly, and it was just a matter of us taking on the manufacture of an optimally designed assembly a little more than 3 years ago.

Cheap insurance at our bargain price of $4.95 + shipping (less than $2.00 for USPS 1st Class shipping here in the US).  One of these adapters could very well save the day in the event yo find yourself in need of a means of communication and your cell phone battery is D-E-A-D.

Here’s a suggestion – consider talking it up with with friends such that you could assemble an order and share the cost of shipping.  Six or eight could still ship via economical USPS 1st Class Mail, 10 or 12 could ship via USPS Priority Flat Rate small box for $5.35.

We were pleased to see our industry partner – Deltran, bring their model to the table.  Outfitted with a 5 foot cord and a tethered cap for the power port socket – this is a great alternative.  A bargain as well at our price of $8.95 + shipping, we carry this model for those desiring its particular features.  This model facilitates the hot set up for a tank bag, or rally bag.

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Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as the above, Deltran Battery Tenders & accessories, and Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers & accessories.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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Heavy SAE 2 Pin Cable Assemblies

by on Oct.08, 2011, under Application, SAE 2 Pin, Solar

This is a display we constructed showing our Heavy SAE 2 Pin Cable Assemblies designed for handling higher amperages:

These are SAE 2 Pin cables assembled with 12 AWG (left, and left top), and 10 AWG (remainder) with Black insulation – allowing their use regardless of application with respect to polarity (i.e., without conflicting with standard polarity/insulation color practices).

Manufactured here in the USA to our specifications, and using the same sturdy, high quality SAE 2 Pin connectors for which we’ve become known .

In response to the desires communicated by customers – we have been contracting the manufacture of a wider and wider variety of SAE 2 Pin connector assemblies with both 12 AWG and 10 AWG wire.  These assemblies have been developed to meet the needs of the do-it-yourselfer, be they portable solar power enthusiasts, or a Biker.  Certainly there are others – we’ve outfitted customers with projects ranging from equipping a tractor for connection to a 12 volt spray unit, to HAM radio operators wanting a heavy gauge power feed.

Being a Biker myself, I had a burning desire to have a heavier gauge “pigtail” hanging from my ’01 Road King’s battery to support “jumping” the battery without having to remove the seat.  Always the Boy Scout – I am dedicated to “Being Prepared”, and being an Engineer, as well – I am dedicated to coming up with the means.  SAE 2 Pin connectors with 10 AWG pigtails and cables was the answer to my plan (and that of other Bikers, as well) , and so I contracted to have them manufactured.

Now, it was not my intention to to have an integral fuse in this heavy gauge pigtail – which clearly violates protocol.  Thinking in terms of this as a primary component in a “jumper rig” – I didn’t want the added complication (knowing full well, I’d have to pay especially close attention to the absence of a fuse in this pigtail assembly).  I must warn that this is a personal choice and responsibilty one is taking – not only by installing a pigtail without an integral fuse, but by “jumping” a motorcycle, as well.  Understand – there is a chance you might fry something by doing so.  I’ve done some research to educate myself along these lines, and I suggest anyone else do the same.  You have been warned !!!

Additional Blog Posts pertinent to the above products can be found via headings at the top of webpage.  Note – It is very important for anyone attempting to use these assemblies to have a clear understanding of electrical concepts such as “polarity”.  We highly recommend educating oneself along this line.

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Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company specializing in the Deltran line of Battery Tenders and accessories(including solar powered units), Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers and accessories, as well as, SAE 2 Pin connectors, leads, and cable assemblies.

Bohemian Biker LLC and Solar Capitalist LLC are authorized dealers for both the Global Solar and Deltran lines of products.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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10 AWG Application – Customer Pic’s

by on Dec.31, 2010, under Application

Check it out…  Crafty Customer, Mark Penman, assembled and installed some of our SAE 2 Pin – 10 AWG offerings to facilitate easy access to his bike’s 12-volt battery and charging system.  Not only does he now have access via higher amp capacity leads, but he saves himself the trouble of disassembly to gain that access !!!

At 12″ long, our SAE 2 Pin – 10 AWG pigtails are generally of sufficient length to extend from a bike’s battery terminals to a point of easy access.  As can be seen in one of the photos, these “pigtails” can also be used in fabricating a battery terminal clip assembly – miniature battery terminal clips available from us, as well.

We offer SAE 2 Pin – 10 AWG Extension/Jumpers in 5′, 8′, and 10′ lengths – 5′ probably being the best choice with with respect to sufficient reach and easy storage.

It should be noted that special attention needs to be paid to polarity…not only while assembling, but also upon using such assemblies.  As can be seen in photos, Mark has marked the “Hot” (+) postive lead with Red electrical tape.  We have these pigtails manufactured with black insulation on both leads – allowing the assembler to mark as needed for a particular application.

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Currently, our products are available through our new e-commerce website at:  

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, as well as Portable Solar Chargers – Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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12 Volt Accessory Cable Kit Component Polarity and Amp Ratings

by on Jun.20, 2009, under Application


12V Accessory Cable Kit

Swapped emails with the supplier of our 12 Volt Accessory Cable Kits concerning the amp ratings of the individual component cable assemblies and decided to post the results.

Considering this kit is included with the Global Solar SUNLINQ line of Portable Solar Chargers (6.5, 12, and 25 Watt), the components are meant for relatively light amperage applications…mostly…charging handheld electronics. As I’ve discussed in other posts, there are other applications for which the components of this kit are suited.  For example, coupling a 12 volt cell phone charger to a Battery Tender Quick Connect using the power port cable assembly and in some cases the 8′ extension cable.

These two components fit nicely into this application because the SAE 2 Pin on the end of the Battery Tender Quick Connect basically replicates the SAE 2 Pin on the output of one of Global’s Portable Solar Chargers.  Specifically, the protected “female” socket side of the SAE 2 Pin connector on the end of the Quick Connect is “hot” (+) positive.  Therefore, the “exposed” male pin of the SAE 2 Pin connector on the power port assembly leads to the centerpost of the power port socket…which must be “hot” (+) positive.

Now let’s look at an application in which things don’t work out similarly well.  Someone might have the idea they’d like to couple the power plug assembly to the output of their Battery Tender…such that they may insert the power port plug into the cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle of which they’d like to maintain the battery.  NO GO!  Won’t work!  Think about it…  If the protected “female” socket side of the SAE 2 Conductor Connector on the  “Battery Tender Quick Connect installed on your motorcycle’s battery is “hot” (+) positive…the “exposed” male pin on the output of your Battery Tender must be “hot” (+) positive.

Now back to out power port plug – remembering we were saying above…the SAE 2 Pin end of these components is meant to be plugged into an SAE 2 Conductor connector with a “hot” (+) positive “protected” female socket.  So, we have a “polarity” issue here to which we must pay close, careful attention.  Stop and think thing through…thoroughly…before you start coupling connectors together. 

The power port plug has an integral 2 amp fuse, so that component’s amp rating is pretty evident.  This is ample capacity for many applications – charging most handheld electronics, etc.  When you get into attempting to power something like a portable air compressor, it’s a different story.  Even a tiny air compressor may draw 7 or 8 amps, or more.  So, this power port plug would not have the rating to be used in an application such as this.  In fact, even the heavier duty power port plugs we handle (stand-alone…without SAE 2 Pin)…are fused at 5 amps…which would still be less than an application such as this might require.  Obviously, power port plugs must be available for this application…because there are miniature compressors employing them…stretched to the limit as they may be.  

What about that 12 volt power port!  It’s rated at 7 amps max.   In most cases borderline unacceptable for the air compressor application we discussed above, but providing plenty of capacity for handheld electronics.  But, think about it this way…that Battery Tender Quick Connect installed on your motorcycle battery probably has a 7.5 amp fuse.  So, the 5 piece accessory kit’s power port cable assembly fits nicely into that parameter.

Heated gloves might be OK plugged into one of these power ports…but as always…check the manufacturer’s specifications.  Obviously, stacking up multple pieces of heated clothing is going to put you over the maximum amperage rating.

Speaking of heated clothing…often employing COAX connectors…we’re prompted to talk about the “male” COAX “barrel” connector x SAE 2 Pin adaptor that comes as part of the 5 piece accessory kit.  Once again…7 amps.  So, maybe OK for gloves…but not much more.  Now this brings me to an application that I discuss in another post – using this adaptor to facilitate the maintenance of your battery via the COAX “female” heated clothing pigtail you might have installed on your motorcycle’s battery.  I cannot condone this practice, but figuring that won’t stop some…here’s the problem.  It’s the same polarity problem.  Once again, the polarity is opposite what you need to couple the SAE 2 Pin end to the output of your Battery Tender.   

But…alas…I came up with an easy fix…a “rig” of sorts.  Again, I cannot condone this practice…and for that reason…I sell the components as a “do-it-yourself” kit.  Basically, I provide you with the components to assemble what I call a “Hot Socket” Adaptor.  That is, there is continuity between the “protected” female socket at each end.  Therefore, there is a “female” socket to accept the “hot” (+) positive pin of the SAE 2 Pin connector on the output of your Battery Tender…and the respective Adaptor conduct leads to a “hot” (+) positive “protected” female socket at the other end…to accept the “exposed” male pin of the SAE 2 Pin on the COAX cable.  Now, the male COAX end of the COAX Assembly has the correct polarity…and can be coupled to the “female” COAX end of the Heated Clothing pigtail installed on your motorcycle’s battery.  This does the trick for those that wish to avoid having more than (1) pigtail dangling from their battery.

About those Battery Terminal Clamps (component of the 5 piece kit)…  Same situation…  The “exposed” male pin of the SAE 2 Pin of this assembly leads to the red handled (+) poitive alligator clamp.  Therefore, opposite of what it should be…to be coupled to your Battery Tender output SAE 2 Pin.  This assembly carries a 15 amp rating, but remember you’d still be limited by the lower amperage rating of (for example) the 8 foot extension.

This being a post covering a lot of components, topics, and issues…I will no doubt be adding to it in the future…

Please post a comment, email us at , or feel free to call us at 302-562-1706 with any questions or concerns.

Currently, our products are available through our new e-commerce website at:  

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, as well as Portable Solar Chargers – Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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Using SAE 2 Pin Connectors

by on Apr.03, 2009, under Application

I thought it best to provide some basic guidance to help the least knowledgeable do-it-yourselfers avoid potential electrical problems.  There’s lots of potential for damage and headaches if care is not taken in carrying out modifications such as these.  Damaging or adversely impacting the dependability of your motorcycle would be counterproductive to say the least.

Learning the basics of electrical theory, and a few installation, troubleshooting, and repair techniques will pay dividends in the future.  I would highly recommend Tracy Martin’s “Motorcycle Electrical Systems – Troubleshooting and Repair” for the novice, as well as those with experience.  You will be more likely to successfully carry out work you can be proud of, and be less likely to have problems either immediately or down the road.   As with many things of this nature, safety and quality are of the utmost importance.

First and foremost is the topic of polarity.  Understanding the polarity of your electrical system circuits is vital.  If the battery tender “pigtail” is properly installed on a motorcycle’s battery, the protected “female” side of the SAE 2-prong connector is the (+) positive “hot” side.  If you think about it…this makes sense in that it is protected from grounding out on metal parts of the bike, etc.  The exposed “male” side of the connector is the (-) negative “ground” side, which you don’t need to worry about grounding out on metal parts.

Attention needs to be paid to maintaining proper polarity throughout the system (circuit).  The center post of the “cigarette lighter” style power port (down inside at the bottom of the socket) is the (+) positive post.  This maintains the polarity required by your 12V chargers and devices.

Two more topics that need to be addressed are the electrical “load” under which you potentially place components of the circuit and “fusing” for protection.  Fuses are introduced into circuits to protect components from the damage that would result if they were to see excessive current loads.

For example, let’s say the power port and wiring you add are rated at a maximum of 5 amps.  Your riding mate shows up with a device needing a charge, as well.  You just happen to have an accessory that plugs into a power port, splitting it into two power ports.  The thing is, the combination of the two results in an amperage draw of more than 5 amps.  Nothing happens immediately, but after a period of time you start to smell something burning…like insulation.

If you were depending on the 7.5 amp fuse in the battery tender pigtail, you weren’t really protecting the components of your system at the maximum 5 amps specified.  You needed to have added a fuse with a value somewhere below 5 amps to afford the needed protection.   There are readily available fuse-holders that facilitate the integration of the proper fuse to your accessory circuit.

Beyond what we have covered above, the capacity of your motorcycle’s electrical system needs to be taken into consideration, as well.  This capacity is a function of the motorcycle’s battery and charging system parameters.

Your motorcycle may, or may not be built with capacity (measured in watts) in excess of what it needs to run all the electrical loads it has onboard when it is manufactured.  Therefore, it may or may not have excess capacity available for added accessories.  It may take some research to determine if your particular model has any excess capacity, and if so, how much.  That parameter becomes a limit that needs to be kept in mind when entertaining the idea of adding loads.

Another aspect of this type of modification that needs to be discussed is workmanship.  The dependability of your motorcycle’s electrical system is directly impacted by the integrity of the modifications you make.  In other words, if your wiring and electrical connections are sloppy and subject to shorting, you very well may suffer the consequences.  Good soldered joints and the careful application of heat shrinkable tubing and electrical tape for insulation and protection will pay off.  Keeping your added wiring neat and orderly will pay off, as well.  Nobody likes to troubleshoot and attempt to repair a sloppy wiring job.

Keeping your portable electrical cables and components neatly packed in a protective case is a wise move.  Not only will this keep them together and easily found, it will protect them from damage which could lead to shorts and malfunctions, as well.  Avoid exposing your cables and wires to the potential for damage to the insulation and protective coverings.  Conductors exposed by damage have a way of bringing attention to themselves in a way that leaves you with additional repairs to make, often at inconvenient times.

Hopefully, the above information will be found informative and useful !

Contact Ray Bowers via call or text to cell at: 302-562-1706 or email at:

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Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, as well as Portable Solar Chargers – Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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Using the Bohemian Biker 12V Power Port x SAE 2 Pin Assembly

by on Apr.03, 2009, under Application

In the case of a bike with saddlebags, there is a pretty simple set up that I often use to charge my cell phone while I’m out on my bike.  I use a cable (approximately 12” long) with an SAE 2-prong connector at one end, and a “cigarette lighter” style power port at the opposite end.  I couple the SAE 2-prong connector end up with the matching connector on the “battery tender” pigtail left connected to my Road King’s battery.  Then I plug the 12-volt charger I bought to go along with my cell phone into the power port, and the other end into my cell phone.   There is just enough power port cable length to enable me to put the cell phone, charger, and power port connection in my saddlebag, leaving only a short length of exposed cable.  This set up works like a charm for me, and it has conveniently bailed me out of untimely dead cell phone battery situations many times.

The same set up could be used for charging many other portable electronic devices, keeping the device safely stored in your bike’s saddlebag.   A similar set up could be arranged using a backpack secured to your passenger seat, luggage rack, or gas tank, with sufficient cable length.  If necessary, some sort of conveniently sized bag (made out of leather, for example) could easily be suspended in a strategic location.



The 12 Volt Power Port x SAE 2 Pin assembly pictured in these photographs is what we call our “compact” model, since the body of the power port is relatively short in comparison to most I’ve seen.

Although I’ve experienced no problem closing my hinged saddlebag cover across the cable, I anticipate that will interfere with the rubber seal’s ability to do its job…and in the event of rain, water would make its way into the saddlebag.

When we were developing the design for the 12 Volt Power Port x SAE 2 Pin we have had manufactured, the ability to close a hinged saddlebag lid across the cable was taken into consideration.  I chose SPT-1 w/ 18 AWG conductors (vs. the heavier possibilities…SPT-2 /16 AWG) specifically with this ability in mind.

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Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling our products such as the above, as well as Deltran Battery Tenders and Portable Solar Chargers – Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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