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New Blogsite – SAE 2 Pin

by on Feb.10, 2012, under Hello World!, SAE 2 Pin

We recently went live with our new Blogsite – SAE 2 Pin

You can visit this website at

As the name indicates, our newest Blog is acutely focused on the SAE 2 Pin connector.

What differentiates this new blogsite from the Bohemian Biker Blog is that it exclusively addresses the SAE 2 Pin connector, without the Bikes & Biker association.  A review of our SAE 2 Pin blog’s Categories (shown across the top of its posts and pages) will provide quick insight into the differences.

We have long felt that a website of this focus would benefit those with an interest.  Whether that interest be brought on by a planned 12 volt wiring project, or use of SAE 2 Pin outfitted equipment.

Recognizing the importance of understanding inherant issues like polarity, there exists plenty of room for a forum addressing such topics.   Our new blogsite is that forum.  Open to both those wishing to share their knowledge, as well as questions and suggested topics from the less experienced.

We hope you’ll visit our newest website, and comment often !!!

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New Category of Posts emerging from time spent Afoot Afield

by on Oct.10, 2011, under Afield, Hello World!, Solar, Thoughts

While recently spending some time “Afoot Afield”, it occurred to me to create a post Category for just that… thoughts, topics, observations emerging from time spent “on foot…in the field”.  Somewhat similar to time spent “on a bike…on the road” in terms of opportunity and atmosphere, being on foot in the field can be an opportunity for reflection, and thoughts prompted by something other than life’s events coming at you at lightning speed.  Time spent in the quiet of being on foot in natural surroundings can be similarly spiritual, minus the mind-cleansing wind in your face.

This Category will also lend itself well to discussions related to the use of portable solar charging equipment in the field.  Beyond discussions, pictures (and maybe even videos) will no doubt be of interest and encourage understanding.

I am finding my 4G iPhone indispensible while afield – not just a means of maintaining communication, I am often using the additional “smartphone” features.  That use results in battery drainage, and the need to maintain sufficient charge.  Enter the convenient, portable, charging means – capitalizing on the sun’s energy !!!

Something probably not often recognized – that USB connection charging means is based on 5 volts.  Therefore, not only does your 12 volt charger step that 12V down to 5V, but the 110 volt charger does as well.  5 volts DC is within relatively easy reach via one of our Global SUNLINQ – USB Plus portable solar chargers.

I am finding that not only is my smartphone enabling me to “stay connected”,  but often address things as they occur to me, or at least make notes.  Speaking of notes – here’s an example of how I have used my smartphone’s features in the field.  While scouting deerstand sites established by a local state park, I recorded pertintent notes at each using my smartphone.  Now, when I’m participating in the deerstand lottery drawing on a particular day… and must quickly decide which remaining stand to chose… I can quickly consult the smartphone field notes I recorded while scouting each stand prior to the season.

I doubt I need to bring up very many smartphone features/applications before those participating in outdoors recreation see the light, if they haven’t already.  Capitalizing on the Sun’s Energy by outfitting oneself with the means for portable solar charging of handheld electronics… makes a lot of sense.

Much like recognizing that your cell phone is dead as you prepare to take off on your motorcycle – recognizing the same as you leave to go afield hunting or fishing presents a similar dilemma, but one with the further complication of there not being a motorcycle battery and charging system from which to draw 12 volt power.

Since you’re afield hunting or fishing (hiking, camping, canoeing, or kayaking), there is the Sun from which to derive energy.  Yes – it could be as easy as pictured above.   With Sunlight available, a Portable Solar Charger like the Global Solar SUNLINQ – USB Plus unit with a USB output connector could do the trick for you.

So, the USB Plus might become a vital component to be included in your daypack, or backpack.  Since your cell phone is no doubt critical to your ability to communicate in an emergency, planning for its charging is important, if not critical.  In fact, the USB Plus could be used to charge your GPS, or other handheld electronics with a USB connection.

The Global Solar SUNLINQ – USB Plus is available via our ecommerce store at:

Here’s a direct link to the listing:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers, as well as Deltran Battery Tenders (including solar powered units) and related SAE 2 Pin connectors, leads, and adapters.

Bohemian Biker LLC and Solar Capitalist LLC are authorized dealers for both the Global Solar and Deltran lines of products.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !







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SAE 2 Pin Blems

by on Oct.09, 2011, under Hello World!, SAE 2 Pin

About those SAE 2 Pin connectors available at automotive stores (actually, I have purposely not shown a picture of the version most readily available)…

Since I’ve had occassion to handle significant numbers, I’ve come to realize there are a large percentage that could be classified as “blems”.  I use the term “blems” because the imperfections are cosmetic – usually small openings in the molded connector itself, to the point where the wire insulation can be seen…

Functionally, these “blems” serve their purpose, but as a business specializing in SAE 2 Pin assemblies – I would not sell them without calling them exactly what they are, i.e., “blems”.

My point – buyer be aware… when you buy these connectors off the shelf, you are likely to get a “blem” here and there…  Let’s not forget – this connector is sometimes described as 2 prong, 2 pole, 2 conductor, as well as, flat, trailer, or 12 volt DC.

My followup point – a certain number of blems can be expected when you’re dealing in a product mass produced offshore.  Conversely, when you buy our American made Bohemian Biker LLC – SAE 2 Pin Connectors, you can count on the absence of “blems”, as well as, a higher quality, better fitting, sturdier connector.

Products are available via our ecommerce store at:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company specializing in the Deltran line of Battery Tenders and accessories(including solar powered units), Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers and accessories, as well as, SAE 2 Pin connectors, leads, and cable assemblies.

Bohemian Biker LLC and Solar Capitalist LLC are authorized dealers for both the Global Solar and Deltran lines of products.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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Possibilities Provided by an SAE 2 Pin Connection

by on Oct.07, 2011, under Hello World!, SAE 2 Pin

If you’re a Biker, check out the possibilities provided by the SAE 2 Pin connection on your Fused Quick Connect “pigtail” (if you have a Deltran Battery Tender, and installed the included assembly on your motorcycle’s battery):

As the saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words…  Made up this display to get the point across –  there are quite a few assemblies that will couple up to your Fused Quick Connect “pigtail”.  These assemblies address applications ranging from extending reach to facilitating things like adaptation of 12 Volt “cigarette lighter plug” type cell phone chargers, and COAX heated clothing (example: heated gloves) connectors.  In addition, there are butt ended assemblies allowing do-it-yourselfers to install their own accessory circuits for charging such hand held electronics as GPS units and iPods.

So, it can be visualized that the SAE 2 Pin connector on your Deltran Battery Tender “Fused Quick Connect” pigtail provides access to your motorcycle’s battery and charging system 12 volt power.  This, in addition to providing the means to conveniently and effectively maintain and thereby extend the life of your bike’s battery.

The SAE 2 Pin connector is often alternatively called an SAE 2 Prong, SAE 2 Pole, SAE 2 Conductor connector, as well as a “flat” or “trailer” connector.  Generally speaking, it is intended for 12 Volt DC applications.  Assemblies with this connector can often be found in your local automotive store – usually in the form of a 12″ extension.  Widely imported, the quality and durability fits lighter applications.

Although some of the displayed assemblies are imported from abroad, those made for Bohemian Biker LLC (and to our specifications) are manufactured here in the USA !!! The higher quality of these SAE 2 Pin connectors manufactured here in the United States is obvious – they are sturdier, and have greater strain relief.

Additional Blog Posts pertinent to the above products can be found via headings at the top of webpage.  Note – It is very important for anyone attempting to use these assemblies to have a clear understanding of electrical concepts such as “polarity”.  We highly recommend educating oneself along this line.

Products are available via our ecommerce store at:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company specializing in the Deltran line of Battery Tenders and accessories(including solar powered units), Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers and accessories, as well as, SAE 2 Pin connectors, leads, and cable assemblies (including heavier cable assemblies for handling higher amperages).

Bohemian Biker LLC and Solar Capitalist LLC are authorized dealers for both the Global Solar and Deltran lines of products.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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More about Bohemian Biker LLC

by on Oct.04, 2011, under Hello World!

Bohemian Biker LLC and its blog type website are the result of a man’s passion for interaction, and especially interaction with those oriented toward “doing-it-themselves”.  Ray Bowers had always dreamed of “being in business for himself”, and stumbled upon his niche once realizing most battery maintenance equipment and portable solar charging equipment employ the same connector type – an SAE 2 Pin connector.

Upon discovering this, Ray’s first endeavor was the development of a manufactured 12V power port x SAE 2 Pin assembly to access a motorcycle’s 12V battery and charging system power for charging cell phones, etc.  What he envisioned was an assembly of the specific length that would reach  from a Battery Tender “Quick Connect” pigtail to a motorcycle’s adjacent saddlebag.  Thanks to the help of an especially patient sales representative, Ray was able to negotiate the manufacture of  the assembly he believed would be popular.  Sure enough, the assembly did indeed prove popular, and that initial design has remained popular for several years now.

With that taste of success, Ray began contracting the manufacture of additional assemblies he believed would be useful.  Some were designed to be used in a specific application.  For example, a heated  glove COAX “female” x SAE 2 Pin assembly – avoiding the installation of another battery pigtail.  Others were designed to facilitate “do-it-yourself” circuit building.  For example, a circuit taking its feed off a Battery Tender pigtail to support 12V power port charging of a handlebar mounted GPS unit.

Customers seeking higher capacity assemblies, and Ray’s own desire for SAE 2 Pin assemblies with heavier gauge leads for ideas he had, encouraged him to begin contacting the manufacture of SAE 2 Pin connectors with 16, 12 and 10 AWG leads.  One such idea Ray had been sitting on was 10 AWG assemblies to facilitate the “jumping” of a motorcycle without the necessity for seat removal.

Truth is, Ray is pretty focused on utility.  He has no bells or whistles on his blacked-out ape-hanger’d ’01 Road King – no handlebar mounted gizmos, no frills.  But, he does have an extra 10 AWG pigtail hanging adjacent to his Battery Tender pigtail.  An engineer by education and work experience, product development is another exciting aspect of “minding his own business”.  Ray spent 25+ years in heavy industry – nuclear power, oil and chemical, as well as manufacturing.  He has also spent a few years as a teacher-naturalist and shooting instructor.

What Ray finds especially enjoyable is talking a customer through a “do-it-yourself” project.  He loves to hear the level of confidence increase as a not so knowledgeable soul grasps something like the reason behind the polarity of a circuit component.

As a Baby Boomer, it’s taken significant self-study for this 56 year old to keep up with such concepts as online “search priority”.  On his Bohemian Biker website, Ray includes a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson – “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

BTW – SAE 2 Pin assemblies that Ray has developed are manufacturer right here in the USA !!!

Products available through our Solar Capitalist LLC e-commerce store at

Solar Capitalist LLC is an authorized dealer for Deltran Battery Tenders (including solar powered units) and accessories, as well as Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers and accessories.

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Bohemian Biker LLC eBay store closed

by on Sep.24, 2011, under Hello World!

eBay’s latest round of “enhancements” prompted us to follow through with the remaining step in our transition away from eBay – closing our Bohemian Biker LLC eBay store.  Although we had reduced our eBay listings to a minimum as of the previous round of “enhancements”, we felt it was now time to carry out this final step.

Our past presence on eBay provided us with a great deal of exposure and search priority, as well as the opportunity to establish a glowing customer feedback record.  Never-the-less, the costs related to doing business on ebay became increasingly unbearable, and then the most recent “final straw” has been preventative measures they are enacting to minimize interaction facilitated outside of eBay.  Considering this latest round of “enhancements” flies in the face of our mission to send future business in the direction of our ecommerce store at , waiting any longer seemed senseless.

Out from under the activities related to maintaining an eBay store, that time can now be better spent on our curent business model – Bohemian Biker LLC business transactions, blogs and comments, and ecommerce store activities.

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Message to our past eBay Customers

by on Jul.07, 2011, under Hello World!

We’d like to thank our past eBay customers for their business, as well as their interest in our products.

eBay has been an effective means of driving up search priority for Bohemian Biker LLC, and we appreciate that aspect.

Never-the-less, the ever increasing costs related to doing business via ebay have encouraged us to seek a more economical means.

eBay’s most recent changes in final value fee calculation prompted us to step-up the transition. 

As communicated in other posts, we have established an internet presence with an ecommerce website  and we have been processing orders by that means for a few months now.

Our sister company  Solar Capitalist LLC  was established to serve Bikers, as well as customers with an interest in Portable Solar Chargers, Battery Tenders, and Do-it-Yourself use of SAE 2 Pin related products. 

We are an Authorized Dealer for Deltran Battery Tenders and accessories, and Global Solar’s SUNLINQ line of Portable Solar Chargers and accessories.

Enabling our customers to conveniently maintain 12 volt batteries, access their battery and charging system 12V power, and even generate low voltage “off-grid” power is our aim…

Be it for a utility shed, backcountry adventures, or emergency preparedness – Let’s…  Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !!! 

We encourage you to visit our new Solar Capitalist LLC ecommerce website, and we would welcome any questions, comments, or concerns you might communicate to us. 

Please send email to:   or

Once again – Thank You to all our past eBay customers !!!


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Goodbye, eBay… Hello, ecommerce !!!

by on Jul.06, 2011, under Hello World!

Bohemian Biker LLC eBay store will be closing.   Having recognized eBay’s increasingly cavalier attitude toward sellers long ago, we have been planning for quite some time to make a transition to an independent ecommerce website as our customer interface for sales. 

Enter Solar Capitalist LLC at: 

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Launching of Sister Site:

by on Apr.27, 2011, under Hello World!, Solar

Solar Capitalist LLC (our sister company), recently launched an e-commerce website: specializing in Portable Solar Gear !!!

In addition to Portable Solar Chargers – Battery Tenders, SAE 2 Pin Cables, Cords, Leads, Connectors, and Adapters will be made available via this efficienty operated source.

With a similar focus on economy, the same level of product quality and customer service enjoyed with Bohemian Biker LLC can be expected from Solar Capitalist LLC.

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Package Deals

by on Apr.02, 2011, under Hello World!

Everyone likes a Good Deal… including Me !!!

Whether you see items here on our webste or listed at  rest assured…  you can simply email us:  and we’ll work with you to develop a package deal including economical combined shipping.

Generally, the scenario is… you email us saying what it is that interests you (including any specific needs)… and telling us your location (city, state, zip – for determination of shipping cost ).  We’ll respond with an offer… and upon your acceptance, we’ll invoice you via Pay Pal (unless you desire some other payment arrangement).

Business outside of eBay has been steadily increasing, as customers have become more and more familiar with us – recognizing the quality of our products and a commitment to service that is not soon forgetten.  We have had much success in gaining exposure via eBay, thus we continue to market and sell items via that means.  Some customers appreciate that, others would seemingly like to do business by other means.

Trust – our mission is to facilitate flexibility and ease.  A quick look at our eBay Feedback will provide insight into the level of satisfaction our customers enjoy and appreciate.

Questions ???  We love questions !!!  Questions spell “opportunity” to us.  Opportunity to gain insight into what interests customers (and potential customers).  So… Please !!!  Ask questions !!!  As they say – the only “dumb question” is the question you were afraid to ask.

 So… don’t be bashful… send us an email at:

Currently, our products are available through our new e-commerce website at:  

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, as well as Portable Solar Chargers – Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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