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Voltaic Solar Bags & Backpacks

by on Apr.12, 2009, under Solar

About a year ago, I became a dealer for Voltaic Systems, and able to sell their line solar bags, backpacks, and accessories at a discounted price.   

Voltaic’s support page  is well worth checking out specifically – it provides instructions and answers to frequently asked questions.  

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to use one of the Voltaic products extensively (in addition to selling many),  I have some thoughts and observations to share.

For almost a year now, I have been strapping a Voltaic Converter Bag  onto my Road King, taking it with me in my truck, and toting it around with me on foot.

Right off…I appreciated the ability to continue charging my cell phone…even when I had the bag out of direct sunlight.

As you may have read in other blogs I’ve posted…I have used my motorcycle’s battery and charging system to charge my cell phone…but having the ability to keep on charging while carrying and having use of the phone, adds a worthwhile dimension.

Although with Voltaic’s setup you have the ability to charge directly off the solar panel output…the provided battery pack  facilitates continuing your cell phone charging…even when the panels are seeing no sunlight.

Along with each Voltaic bag or backpack, cables and adaptors are provided…including those to enable you to charge the battery using 110 VAC or 12 VDC.  Therefore, the Voltaic system battery could be charged using a motorcycle’s battery and charging system, as well.   Even when you lack access to the sun, you have mobile charging capability with Voltaic’s system.

The Converter Bag is easily secured to a motorcycle’s passenger seat backrest using its ample number of high quality straps.  They are long enought that I have even managed to secure my novelty helmet in between the bag and the backrest.  This bag is also easily secured to the backrest while sitting on the luggage rack.  Other variations I have used are mounting the bag on my laptop case and other luggage secured to my motocycles’s seat, backrest, and luggage rack – the pictures above show a few examples.     

Also appreciated about the Converter Bag is its compactness.  This bag is much thinner than the Voltaic Solar Backpack…which makes it a great choice when the added volume of a Voltaic Backpack is not necessary.   I especially appreciated this aspect when carrying the Converter Bag on my back in crowds, but it also contributes to the ease with which it is mounted in various applications.  For example, the relatively shallow thickness dimension of this bag is a plus when mounting it on top of other luggage.

So…when carrying capacity of a Backpack is not a necessity…the Converter Bag is a great choice.  It not only provides you with the charging capability, but gives you a worthwhile amount of carrying capacity…while preserving your mobility.  None-the-less, the Voltaic Solar Backpack  may be called for when the capacity to carry books or other payload are desired in addition to charging capability.

The layout and placement of the solar panel leads work out well for connection to the battery (while clipped to one of the pockets provided inside the bag).   There are elastic bands strategically located to retain the connected power port and power plug while connected just above the battery, and then additional pockets for your cell phone, mp3, etc.

I have found the internal padded sleeve/pocket handy for an 8-1/2” x 11” atlas or other paperwork, and the external sleeve/pocket has been useful for items to which I’ve wanted to maintain ready access (like an event program or map).

There are actually two additional Voltaic Solar Bags that could potentially fit your particular needs, the Messenger and the Generator.   For more on them, please see Voltaic’s website.

As you have no doubt gathered by now…I am indeed thrilled with my Voltaic Converter Bag…and highly recommend the Voltaic line of solar bags and backpacks!

If you’d be interested in purchasing any of Voltaic’s products, please cantact me at or 302-562-1706.

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