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Deltran Battery Tender Plus “Programmed for Gel Batteries”

by on Nov.19, 2009, under Battery Tenders

battery-tender-plusIn 1999, Deltran began offering the Battery Tender Plus – reason being…many more “AGM” type lead acid batteries being used in power sports engine start applications.

“AGM” (Absorbent Glass Mat) is a class of VRLA battery in which the electrolyte is absorbed into a mat of fine glass fibers.

“VRLA” stands for valve regulated lead acid and is the designation for low maintenance lead acid rechargeable batteries.  “VRLA” batteries do not require the addition of water to cells.  “VRLA” batteries are commonly further referred to as an “absorbent glass mat” battery or “gel” battery.

Bohemian Biker LLC now offers the Deltran Battery Tender Plus unit which is “Optimized for True Gel Cell Batteries”.  This 12 volt, 1.25 amp,  Deltran Battery Tender Plus unit is designated Deltran P/N 012-0156.

Understand…this version of the Battery Tender Plus is labeled “Programmed for Gel Batteries” (right on the unit), and is now available, as well as the previously supplied Plus unit lacking this labeling…and per Deltran…not programmed as such.

The 12 Volt , 1.25 Amp, Deltran Battery Tender Plus – P/N 021-0128 (replaced p/n 021-0069) is for use with “Flooded” or “AGM” batteries according to Deltran Corporation.

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