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Access Motorcycle 12 Volt Power to Charge Cell Phone

by on Jul.22, 2017, under Accessories

Our 1st product, the Bohemian Biker 12V Power Port x SAE 2 Pin Connector assembly, has become widely popular among Bikers!

Cheap insurance, don’t You think?

When doing business out of a vendor booth at a Biker Event, where customers often ask questions about these – the look on their faces when I tell them $5.00 is one of “Five bucks… that’s all… are you kidding me…???”

I admit, offering them at that price they are intended to be a bit of a “loss leader” – with the hope customers will look further into our line of products. But, our intention is to keep prices very reasonable – period. No one wants to pay a high price for something, even if they’ve had a hard time finding it. That’s also why we use economical USPS 1st Class mail whenever possible. After all, who wants to pay as much for shipping as they do for the product?

Once you have one, you might just find a home for it in your saddlebag. Chances are, someday down the road it’ll come in handy in dealing with an inopportune dead cell phone battery. Just think of your “Hero” status upon being the one to pull this gizmo out when the need occurs.

Who doesn’t know the helpless feeling that comes when standing there with a dead cell phone – when you need to use it…???

Once in a while, I get questioned about the possibility of draining of one’s battery. Trust me, I’ve left a cell phone charging off my bike’s battery while I was away from the bike for several hours – no problem… Now, I can think of conditions under which one might not get away with this – a la, battery in poor state of charge, charging system not working properly, etc…

I’ll also admit, I’ve started my bike and rode for hours with my cell phone charging off the bike in my saddlebag. There are probably schools of thought that say “don’t do that”, but I do… This may be counter to cell phone manufacturer’s recommendations, but I do it in cars and trucks – no problem. The other consideration might be stealing away from your bike’s charging capacity. If your particular bike’s charging capacity is marginal with respect to loads – you may experience a problem.

In support of my beliefs and experiences above, with pushing several thousand of these assemblies out there being used – no one has come back to me with a story of a problem. Considering this a Blog providing the ability for customers to comment – we see no comments reporting any issues.

Also consider the fact that Deltran, the industry leader in battery maintenance with their line of Battery Tender models, offer a 12V Power Port x SAE 2 Pin connector. In fact, I know of H-D dealers offering these products. Obviously, if their use was an issue – they would be throwing up the flag.

Also consider that some bikers are piling on heated clothing loads, as well. Yet another battery connected quick connect pigtail accessing a bike’s 12 volt battery and charging system power.

So, the concept of tapping into a motorcycle electrical system is nothing new. Although it does need be to be done with forethought and care. Polarity, and fuse protection being two key issues.

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, the Deltran Quick Connect assembly has an integral fuse holder and a 7.5 amp fuse. Therefore, loads need to be limited to less than a total draw of 7.5 amps. Although you won’t approach that maximum with a cell phone charger, you may if you attempt to run a portable tire pump – I’ve seen where some 12V tire pumps draw 8 amps.

With respect to polarity, we have discussed that topic in previous posts, as well. Our Power Port Assembly is of the necessary polarity to work correctly when coupled to a properly installed Deltran Fused Quick Connect pigtail.

To view our products, please see our ecommerce website at:

Please also see our Blog at:

We’d be thrilled to discuss the specifics of Your particular application and answer any questions!

Contact Ray Bowers via cell with call or text at 302-562-1706, or email at:


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2nd Amendment Patches

by on Jan.21, 2013, under 2nd Amendment

Part of what makes my endeavor enjoyable is being able to explore possibilities as they occur to me.

One such possibility is this 2nd Amendment patch:

What has come to my attention as a result of the current focus on Our Constitutional 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms is the overlap between Bikers and Gun Owners – many of us are both!

I set out to find a way to draw attention to the fact that many of us share both of these interests, and facilitate us recognizing each other in our travels.

This patch seems widely available, and upon showing it around a bit – it seems widely popular.  In fact, a couple friends with Bike Shops jumped right on board with carrying them.

So, I’ve pulled together a quantity of them, as well.  My plan is to make them available at a reasonable price – to those seeing the light.

Surfacing the topic of the shared desire to Stand Up for Our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms will no doubt drive up conversation, and hopefully Grassroots Action – rallies, rides, letter writing, etc.

There may be those that feel this patch is not for them, but for many of us – the message is Right On!

NRA President David A. Keene gets a peek at a recent 2nd Amendment Freedom rally…

We welcome email at:

This product is available through our new e-commerce website at:  

Here’s the link leading directly to the product discussed above:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, Deltran Battery Tenders, as well as Portable Solar Chargers – Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !




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Our Sweet and Simple 12 Volt Power Port x SAE 2 Pin Connector – A Popular Motorcycle Accessory

by on Feb.26, 2012, under Accessories, Application, SAE 2 Pin

Our 12V Power Port Adapter Assembly allows a Biker to tap into his or her motorcycle battery and charging system’s 12 Volt power while on the go.  This handy adapter assembly is designed to specifically address the needs of the Biker with a motorcycle not outfitted with a faring/dash mounted power port.  It facilitates convenient connection to an installed Battery Tender Fused Quick Connect pigtail, and thereby it allows the Biker to charge handheld electronics, such as a cell phone.


Sweet, Simple & Secure – the beauty of this setup is the ability to stow all involved components in an adjacent saddlebag.  In fact,  the design length of our assembly was set on that basis.  We chose SPT-1 cord with 18 AWG leads to minimize thickness –  thereby allowing the ability to close a hard case saddlebag across it without excessively stressing the hinges.  Often using this setup myself, I find it works very well for me.  In the event of traveling rain, obviously this setup would negatively impact the seal and should be avoided.

Not long for reaching 2000 of these assemblies sold, with nothing but positive feedback, continued popularity and sales are certain for this conveniently useful piece of electrical gear.  Many a do-it-yourself type has cobbled together a similar assembly, and it was just a matter of us taking on the manufacture of an optimally designed assembly a little more than 3 years ago.

Cheap insurance at our bargain price of $4.95 + shipping (less than $2.00 for USPS 1st Class shipping here in the US).  One of these adapters could very well save the day in the event yo find yourself in need of a means of communication and your cell phone battery is D-E-A-D.

Here’s a suggestion – consider talking it up with with friends such that you could assemble an order and share the cost of shipping.  Six or eight could still ship via economical USPS 1st Class Mail, 10 or 12 could ship via USPS Priority Flat Rate small box for $5.35.

We were pleased to see our industry partner – Deltran, bring their model to the table.  Outfitted with a 5 foot cord and a tethered cap for the power port socket – this is a great alternative.  A bargain as well at our price of $8.95 + shipping, we carry this model for those desiring its particular features.  This model facilitates the hot set up for a tank bag, or rally bag.

Please comment or email any questions or concerns – we welcome email at:

These and other products are available through our e-commerce website at:  

Here are the links directly to the above assemblies:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as the above, Deltran Battery Tenders & accessories, and Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers & accessories.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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Heated Clothing COAX x SAE 2 Pin Adapter Assembly Stock

by on Feb.21, 2012, under COAX

Our Heated Clothing COAX x SAE 2 Pin Adapter Assembly has been popular over the past years, and we increased our stock stock in preparation for early Spring 2012 riders!

This handy adapter assembly allows those who would like to avoid installing a 2nd Quick Connect pigtail – in addition to their Deltran Battery Tender Fused Quick Connect pigtail.

In other words, if in lieu of installing the COAX Quick Connect assembly that accompanied your heated clothing, you’d rather tap into your bike’s battery and charging system power via your existing Battery Tender pigtail – we’ve got the adapter for you!

This Heated Clothing COAX x SAE 2 Pin Adapter Assembly couples to the SAE 2 Pin end of your Battery Tender pigtail, making it a quick and convenient alternative to the Heated Clothing Quick Connect assembly.

Understand, you will be limited by the 7.5 amp fuse integral to your Deltran Battery Tender Fused Quick Connect pigtail.  Therefore, you won’t be able to stack up multiple pieces of heated clothing.  You should be fine powering a pair of heated gloves, but it’s important to consult the literature accompanying your heated clothing for the specific amperage draw.

I’ve hooked up and powered my girlfriend Jann’s (Tourmaster) heated gloves in this manner many times with no problem whatsoever.  I generally couple-up the assembly before I mount up (taking a few loops around the rear highway bar adjacent to where my Battery Tender pigtail hangs), and hand the gloves to Jann after she climbs on board.

For additional information (including pictures), please scroll down to similarly titled post dated 4/5/09 (below) under COAX Category.

Please also comment or email any questions or concerns – we welcome email at:

These and other products are available through our e-commerce website at:  

Here’s the link directly to the above assembly:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as the above, Deltran Battery Tenders & accessories, and Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers & accessories.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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Possibilities Provided by an SAE 2 Pin Connection

by on Oct.07, 2011, under Hello World!, SAE 2 Pin

If you’re a Biker, check out the possibilities provided by the SAE 2 Pin connection on your Fused Quick Connect “pigtail” (if you have a Deltran Battery Tender, and installed the included assembly on your motorcycle’s battery):

As the saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words…  Made up this display to get the point across –  there are quite a few assemblies that will couple up to your Fused Quick Connect “pigtail”.  These assemblies address applications ranging from extending reach to facilitating things like adaptation of 12 Volt “cigarette lighter plug” type cell phone chargers, and COAX heated clothing (example: heated gloves) connectors.  In addition, there are butt ended assemblies allowing do-it-yourselfers to install their own accessory circuits for charging such hand held electronics as GPS units and iPods.

So, it can be visualized that the SAE 2 Pin connector on your Deltran Battery Tender “Fused Quick Connect” pigtail provides access to your motorcycle’s battery and charging system 12 volt power.  This, in addition to providing the means to conveniently and effectively maintain and thereby extend the life of your bike’s battery.

The SAE 2 Pin connector is often alternatively called an SAE 2 Prong, SAE 2 Pole, SAE 2 Conductor connector, as well as a “flat” or “trailer” connector.  Generally speaking, it is intended for 12 Volt DC applications.  Assemblies with this connector can often be found in your local automotive store – usually in the form of a 12″ extension.  Widely imported, the quality and durability fits lighter applications.

Although some of the displayed assemblies are imported from abroad, those made for Bohemian Biker LLC (and to our specifications) are manufactured here in the USA !!! The higher quality of these SAE 2 Pin connectors manufactured here in the United States is obvious – they are sturdier, and have greater strain relief.

Additional Blog Posts pertinent to the above products can be found via headings at the top of webpage.  Note – It is very important for anyone attempting to use these assemblies to have a clear understanding of electrical concepts such as “polarity”.  We highly recommend educating oneself along this line.

Products are available via our ecommerce store at:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company specializing in the Deltran line of Battery Tenders and accessories(including solar powered units), Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers and accessories, as well as, SAE 2 Pin connectors, leads, and cable assemblies (including heavier cable assemblies for handling higher amperages).

Bohemian Biker LLC and Solar Capitalist LLC are authorized dealers for both the Global Solar and Deltran lines of products.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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Message to our past eBay Customers

by on Jul.07, 2011, under Hello World!

We’d like to thank our past eBay customers for their business, as well as their interest in our products.

eBay has been an effective means of driving up search priority for Bohemian Biker LLC, and we appreciate that aspect.

Never-the-less, the ever increasing costs related to doing business via ebay have encouraged us to seek a more economical means.

eBay’s most recent changes in final value fee calculation prompted us to step-up the transition. 

As communicated in other posts, we have established an internet presence with an ecommerce website  and we have been processing orders by that means for a few months now.

Our sister company  Solar Capitalist LLC  was established to serve Bikers, as well as customers with an interest in Portable Solar Chargers, Battery Tenders, and Do-it-Yourself use of SAE 2 Pin related products. 

We are an Authorized Dealer for Deltran Battery Tenders and accessories, and Global Solar’s SUNLINQ line of Portable Solar Chargers and accessories.

Enabling our customers to conveniently maintain 12 volt batteries, access their battery and charging system 12V power, and even generate low voltage “off-grid” power is our aim…

Be it for a utility shed, backcountry adventures, or emergency preparedness – Let’s…  Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !!! 

We encourage you to visit our new Solar Capitalist LLC ecommerce website, and we would welcome any questions, comments, or concerns you might communicate to us. 

Please send email to:   or

Once again – Thank You to all our past eBay customers !!!


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See something that interests you? Email Us !!!

by on Mar.05, 2011, under Hello World!, Thoughts

Although eBay has been instrumental in gaining us exposure online, we encourage you to email us at:

Please don’t feel forced to communicate with us via eBay – we answer numerous customer questions and inquiries via direct email.

On a daily and ever increasing basis, we process customer orders outside of eBay – often after answering technical questions or inquiries regarding quantities, combinations, and/or combined shipping.  BTW – we make it a point to use the most economical means of shipping (usually USPS 1st Class Mail), and we will always give our customers the benefit of combined shipping.

Direct email interaction not only allows us the opportunity answer questions, but also the opportunity to tailor a transaction to a customer’s specific needs.  We have a merchant account that facilitates the processing of credit card transactions, and we trust you will find us both flexible and accommodating.

In the interest of having the opportunity to provide the best possible service, we encourage customers to 1st email us questions – prior to placing an eBay order. 

2011 showed a marked increase in interaction outside of eBay – indicating this is preferred by many customers.

In addition to providing sometimes “hard-to-find” electrical components in desirable quantities, and at reasonable prices – another critical component of our niche is the ease we communicate and provide while doing business.

So, whether you are a Biker, or not – email us directly at:

We will answer your questions regarding access to the 12 volt power onboard your motorcycle (or other vehicle/craft) for a cell phone charger, heated clothing, or a GPS unit.  Your Deltran Battery Tender Quick Connect with its SAE 2 Pin connection, for example, provides such access using one of our 12V Power Port x SAE 2 Pin assemblies.

Currently, our products are available through our new e-commerce website at:  

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, as well as Portable Solar Chargers – Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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Biker Friends & Acquaintances

by on Sep.23, 2009, under Thoughts

Of the many really cool aspects of the “fraternity” of Bikers…in the most global sense…is the diversity…and the instant “relatedness” that is present between us…upon sight…and meeting.  

I hesitate to use that word “fraternity” because it has “male” connotations…  According to one of the definitions of “fraternity” is: the quality of being brotherly; brotherhood: liberty, equality, and fraternity.

These days…in accordance with the very welcome increased participation of women…on their own…a less “male” oriented term would be welcome…

A similar example that comes to mind would be the Fraternal Order of Police…  Obviously there are now a significant number of women in these ranks…

I know I have a lot of company…as a male…welcoming women to what was…at least in the past…a pretty male dominated activity… 

I’ve got to say…I have a special appreciation for my lady riding “two-up” with me  (Jann riding with me below…note the smile on my face…seen in the mirror)…I figure I have a lot of company here…


 *Credit to our friend Nancy Tilley for this great shot!

Never-the-less…I am intrigued by…and have a strong appreciation for…women riding their own bike…which Jann does at times, as well…

Beyond her exercising a level of skill and independence in this way…and enjoying the fulfillment related to that…it also provides the increased cargo carrying capacity of two bikes vs. one…when traveling… 

The increasing presence of women in the Biker ranks is certainly an additional factor contributing to the widening diversity of Bikers…

It just so happens that I have played an active role in the introduction of many women to another once male dominated activity…shooting sports.   As a state-employed full-time shooting instructor, I was fortunate enough to be  the initial instructor for the shooting instruction segment of my state’s Becoming An Outdoors Woman (BOW) Program.  I still participate in a lesser capacity, but have turned this position over to an even more qualified female  instructor/friend, who assisted in the early years.  







So…I am well acquainted with some of the topics that rise out of this sort of process…  For example, the availability of equipment and clothing to support women’s participation… 

It’s pretty obvious that not only motorcycle clothing manufacturers have recognized the growing “female” Biker market segment…

In addition, we see the initiation and development of motorcycle clubs and internet forums specifically for women… 

Certainly there are growing pains, and points of contention…but all-in-all…I think most would agree…these are very necessary, welcome and positive developments… 

As in my experience in the realm of shooting sports…I am often impressed at the level of knowledge and skill, as well as the attitude toward participation…of some of the female Bikers I know and meet…  

I consider myself fortunate to know and ride with several women that have taken on being a Biker…”jumping in feet first”…developing their riding skills…finding the model that suits them best…learning all they can (including how to perform maintenance tasks)…and putting on the miles.


Recently, I accompanied Dana, a dear friend to both Jann  and I,  on a 250+ mile run…as part of a 600 mile (one way) run of my own…followed a few days later by the return trip…re-united near her destination. 

We started out in pouring rain and wind at “O-dark thirty”…and after a couple hours crossed a bay bridge in high winds.  

Although the experience was a bit “hair-raising” for both of us…over a couple cups of coffee to calm our nerves…we laughed and let those back home know we had “weathered the storm”.

I’d put Dana’s skill and determination up against that of many Bikers I know…(especially considering the number of Bikers that are mainly “Bar Hoppers”…weekend Bikers at best…not being of the mind to travel or tour on their bike).  

She rides like the woman she is…cool, calm, and collected.  Many of the other women in our riding group (including Jann) call her their hero. 

Dana has earned my respect as a Biker…with her cool headedness, positive attitude, skill, and determination.

Rain, nor wind, nor darkness…would stop Dana from heading out on a scheduled trip…and knockin’ down a full day’s ride…


Another lady…I have been fortunate enough to be-friend…has not only been a lifelong Biker…but has worked in H-D dealerships and served in many capacities within several Biker organizations.deb-devine-evo-woman

Deb, aka…Evo Woman, is a walking encyclopedia of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, riding, and Biker organization knowledge…serving in officer positions within several HOG and Rolling Thunder chapters.

I count myself fortunate to have gained her friendship, and bank on her knowledge-base on a continuing basis…not only along the lines of motorcycle related topics, but business savvy, as well.  

This lady has so much to bring to the table…well beyond just motorcycling related.  She is now dabbling in the area of mentoring “at risk” youths…and it seems she may have found her niche!

So…again…I count myself very fortunate to be surrounded by…and in touch with…a significant network of amazing Biker friends…both male and female.

Each and every time I make a new acquaintance among Bikers, I view it as opportunity of one nature or other…whether it be a future close friend and/or riding companion, a networking contact, or simply enjoyable interaction. 



The key is being open to the opportunity when it presents itself…

One of the things I am known for by my friends and family is striking up conversations with total strangers anywhere…and what I often find is that there is some connection.  I don’t think I’m in any way alone in my proximity to connections…I’m just especially open to the possibilities and opportunities as well as making the kind of conversation that leads to uncovering them…



 Here’s a perfect example that occurred just this past weekend at DelMarva Bike Week weekend…  Jann and I are back at the bike in the gravel parking lot of one of the venues… It’s late Sunday afternoon…and things are pretty much over for the day…so the parking lot is relatively empty…  A few feet away another couple is puttering around preparing to leave, as well.  So…into action I go…  He’s a clean cut looking man…obviously retired military…Marine stickers on his windshield confirm that.  She’s obviously younger…seemingly adept at riding 2 up with him…   Conversation comes easy between the four of us…once I initiate it…  No sooner does it start…and we find out…despite them living relatively closeby…she’s from the same town in northern DE as Jann…he’s from a town near my daughters’ home town in South Carolina…  I mention the Squat-n-Gobble…my favorite coffee and breakfast spot down there…and they both burst into laughter…it’s their’s too…600 miles away, mind you…  Next thing you know…the ladies are off into their own conversation…he and I are in our own…  Then I hear…”Ray…you’ve got to hear this…” from Jann…  Turns out the lady is a shooter…and sure enough we have shooting friends in common.  Eventually, we exchange business cards…wish each other safe riding…and say our goodbyes.  

This kind of scenario happens for me over, and over, and over…as I’m sure it does for others, as well.  To me…being a Biker immerses us in opportunities such as this.  Consider how many of us Baby Boomers are out there riding and attending Bike Events…  Seems to me…part of the reason we’re doing this is…we not only love motorcycles and riding…but we love hangin’ out with like-minded people…  There’s a bit of an…”I already know this about you”  goin’ on…  It’s a point of instant “relatedness”…  A starting point for easy enjoyable conversation…  And…you just never know what will follow…  I have story after story of people I’ve met…no matter how far from home…with whom I’ve discovered a connection…  I call them my “Six Degrees of Separation” occurrences…   

On top of this “connection” discovery aspect is…I find it amazing what people you meet are into…be it their career or hobby.  Ranging from an extraordinary second career in a unique field…to a never heard of  hobby.   

My good friend and most experienced riding buddy, Brad, came to me a few years back…via this same sort of chance meeting.  I had stopped at our local Starbucks for a caffeine fix…seeing a Harley parked out front…I looked for the owner once inside.  There he was…black leather vest and all.  Next thing you know…I’m accompanying him back to his hometown of Columbia, Missouri…putting in 700+ miles in 15-1/2 hours our first day out.  Although we had done a bit of riding together before we left on this trip…(and having made solo 600 mile day runs back and forth to SC)…it was my first crosscountry trip with a more experienced and seasoned Biker (Brad has more than 150K bike miles under his belt…having biked all over the western states…including a trip to Sturgis).  I earned my stripes with Brad on that trip…staying right with him…blastin’ down the interstate at 80 mph…never being the reason for stopping.

BTW – My Buddy, Brad…is quite an interesting character…coming from a very colorful past.  Way more spiritual than most men I know…especially with respect to riding (and music…”the blues”…as in “get the Led out”)…one of the things I especially appreciate about him.  An intellectual and philosophical man, Brad could easily be a college professor.   In addition to a previous college degree, at 54 (same age as me)…he just completed a 2 year program in nuclear medicine.  Another prime example of the diversity that exists among Bikers.

My Buddy Brad, and Laurie...our host's girlfriend.

My Buddy Brad, and Laurie of Columbia, MO.

I’ve even developed lasting friendships out of acquaintances made at our weekly Hooter’s Bike Nites…  Guys and Gals I have exchanged cell phone numbers with…rattle the cage of from time to time…and see wherever the action is.  Facebook has emerged as the most recent means of relatively constant contact.  The venue of the weekend is normally run up the flagpole for all to see…and potentially rally to.

One of our favorite Biker gathering places…here near the DE-PA-MD Junction…is the Union Hotel Restaurant & Tavern – Port Deposit, MD.   I love this weekly gathering of Bikers…complete with live music, great food, and drink – all outdoors!   We sit at the shaded picnic tables…enjoy pitbeef sandwiches…listen to the band…and hang out with the crowd.  Always a non-stop flow of bikes in and out of this popular meeting place on a Sunday afternoon.

A monthly event we enjoy is the Ephrata 1st Sunday Rally  at the American Legion Post / Legion Park – Ephrata, PA.   Starting early in the day (8 AM)…this is kind of a unique venue with the added enjoyment of riding through Amish Country…  Oh yea…watch out for the buggies…and what the horses leave behind…LOL 

Out of all this…I am in the constant process of maintaining a network of individual circles of Biker friends…not just here in my hometown and state…but across the country…actually…all over the world.

As an example of one of these “circles of Biker Friends”…here is another scenario that has occurred for me…  A year ago, I had left my home in northern Delaware before daybreak on my bike…and made my way 80+ miles south to assist with one of the BOW shooting programs I mentioned previously.  Having arrived early…I was poking around looking for a place to grab some breakfast…low and behold…a fleet of bikes at the breakfast cafe of a campground…perfect!  Holly Lake Camp Sites  No sooner do I park my bike…here they come out the door.  The first fella I talk to turned out to be the leader of a County Police Explorer Post I was in when I was 18.  Since that day…I have been receiving the “Breakfast Club” emails from him…rode with his group…joining them for breakfast at times…and staying in contact with him throughout the year via email.  In fact, Jann and I just saw him during DelMarVa Bike Week…and yes…as it turns out…Jann too has known this fella for years!  This type of occurrence is one of the reasons we call Delaware…”A Small Wonder”… 

Through people with whom business has put me in contact, and Facebook…I have developed an enormous number of friends and acquaintances…online.  Biker friends from here in Delaware…to the state of Washington and Alaska…to countries such as the Netherlands, Norway, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, the United Kindom, and on and on. 

All of us with the love of motorcycles and riding in common.  The conversations and friendships just grow from there…  How cool is that…???

For many of us, Facebook has created a welcome groundswell of connectedness.   The ability to communicate with an enormous number of contacts has been made as easy as making a post…thereby providing the opportunity to receive comment.   At the same time, we are able to monitor the posts and comments of our FB Friends.  I actually maintain two Facebook accounts…one under the name Raymond Bowers, for my personal use…and another under the name Ray Bowers, intended for business use (has photos of products vs. people).  I stay logged onto Facebook virtually all day long, and spend a great deal of time interacting there.  Similarly, I spend a great deal of time on email interaction…mostly via  


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SAE 2 Pin Surface Mount 12V Power Connection w/cap & leads

by on Aug.02, 2009, under SAE 2 Pin

SAE 2 Pin Surface Mount

SAE 2 Pin Surface Mount

So, here’s a product I stumpled upon that seemed like it might be useful to do-it-yourselfers like us!  We’ve been obtaining quantities for a couple years now, and they have become very popular.  Hoping to see some comments as to how they are being used, as well as pictures.  Seemed like tank bags might be a possible application, and some have mentioned this as being the plan.  This molded surface mount connector w/flange (1-7/8″ diameter) has four 3/16″ holes for mounting (fasteners not included), and (2) 12 AWG leads – approximately 11″ long.  As supplied, the red lead is mapped to “male” pin / black lead mapped to “female” socket side of 2 Pin.  For use as a power port, the “protected female” socket should be the “hot” (+) positive side – therefore, insulation colors would not be consistant with standard practice, i.e., red being “hot” positive.

We welcome email at:

This product is available through our new e-commerce website at:  

Here’s the link leading directly to the product discussed above:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, Deltran Battery Tenders, as well as Portable Solar Chargers – Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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Group Buys

by on Jun.21, 2009, under Hello World!

 Recently hooked up with Big Dog Biker forum through the initiative of a particularly helpful customer and active forum member/participant!

Worked out a cool “Group Buy” arrangement with these great guys – a real win-win deal!

BTW – To the left is my avatar on the Big Dog Biker forum – handle is bohemianbiker

Ready and willing to do the same with other interested groups!

Shoot us an email at  or feel to call us at 302-562-1706   so we can work out the details and get the ball rollin’!

Currently, our products are available through our new e-commerce website at:  

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, as well as Portable Solar Chargers – Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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