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Bohemian Biker LLC eBay store closed

by on Sep.24, 2011, under Hello World!

eBay’s latest round of “enhancements” prompted us to follow through with the remaining step in our transition away from eBay – closing our Bohemian Biker LLC eBay store.  Although we had reduced our eBay listings to a minimum as of the previous round of “enhancements”, we felt it was now time to carry out this final step.

Our past presence on eBay provided us with a great deal of exposure and search priority, as well as the opportunity to establish a glowing customer feedback record.  Never-the-less, the costs related to doing business on ebay became increasingly unbearable, and then the most recent “final straw” has been preventative measures they are enacting to minimize interaction facilitated outside of eBay.  Considering this latest round of “enhancements” flies in the face of our mission to send future business in the direction of our ecommerce store at , waiting any longer seemed senseless.

Out from under the activities related to maintaining an eBay store, that time can now be better spent on our curent business model – Bohemian Biker LLC business transactions, blogs and comments, and ecommerce store activities.

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Message to our past eBay Customers

by on Jul.07, 2011, under Hello World!

We’d like to thank our past eBay customers for their business, as well as their interest in our products.

eBay has been an effective means of driving up search priority for Bohemian Biker LLC, and we appreciate that aspect.

Never-the-less, the ever increasing costs related to doing business via ebay have encouraged us to seek a more economical means.

eBay’s most recent changes in final value fee calculation prompted us to step-up the transition. 

As communicated in other posts, we have established an internet presence with an ecommerce website  and we have been processing orders by that means for a few months now.

Our sister company  Solar Capitalist LLC  was established to serve Bikers, as well as customers with an interest in Portable Solar Chargers, Battery Tenders, and Do-it-Yourself use of SAE 2 Pin related products. 

We are an Authorized Dealer for Deltran Battery Tenders and accessories, and Global Solar’s SUNLINQ line of Portable Solar Chargers and accessories.

Enabling our customers to conveniently maintain 12 volt batteries, access their battery and charging system 12V power, and even generate low voltage “off-grid” power is our aim…

Be it for a utility shed, backcountry adventures, or emergency preparedness – Let’s…  Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !!! 

We encourage you to visit our new Solar Capitalist LLC ecommerce website, and we would welcome any questions, comments, or concerns you might communicate to us. 

Please send email to:   or

Once again – Thank You to all our past eBay customers !!!


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Goodbye, eBay… Hello, ecommerce !!!

by on Jul.06, 2011, under Hello World!

Bohemian Biker LLC eBay store will be closing.   Having recognized eBay’s increasingly cavalier attitude toward sellers long ago, we have been planning for quite some time to make a transition to an independent ecommerce website as our customer interface for sales. 

Enter Solar Capitalist LLC at: 

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Package Deals

by on Apr.02, 2011, under Hello World!

Everyone likes a Good Deal… including Me !!!

Whether you see items here on our webste or listed at  rest assured…  you can simply email us:  and we’ll work with you to develop a package deal including economical combined shipping.

Generally, the scenario is… you email us saying what it is that interests you (including any specific needs)… and telling us your location (city, state, zip – for determination of shipping cost ).  We’ll respond with an offer… and upon your acceptance, we’ll invoice you via Pay Pal (unless you desire some other payment arrangement).

Business outside of eBay has been steadily increasing, as customers have become more and more familiar with us – recognizing the quality of our products and a commitment to service that is not soon forgetten.  We have had much success in gaining exposure via eBay, thus we continue to market and sell items via that means.  Some customers appreciate that, others would seemingly like to do business by other means.

Trust – our mission is to facilitate flexibility and ease.  A quick look at our eBay Feedback will provide insight into the level of satisfaction our customers enjoy and appreciate.

Questions ???  We love questions !!!  Questions spell “opportunity” to us.  Opportunity to gain insight into what interests customers (and potential customers).  So… Please !!!  Ask questions !!!  As they say – the only “dumb question” is the question you were afraid to ask.

 So… don’t be bashful… send us an email at:

Currently, our products are available through our new e-commerce website at:  

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, as well as Portable Solar Chargers – Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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