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Access Motorcycle 12 Volt Power to Charge Cell Phone

by on Jul.22, 2017, under Accessories

Our 1st product, the Bohemian Biker 12V Power Port x SAE 2 Pin Connector assembly, has become widely popular among Bikers!

Cheap insurance, don’t You think?

When doing business out of a vendor booth at a Biker Event, where customers often ask questions about these – the look on their faces when I tell them $5.00 is one of “Five bucks… that’s all… are you kidding me…???”

I admit, offering them at that price they are intended to be a bit of a “loss leader” – with the hope customers will look further into our line of products. But, our intention is to keep prices very reasonable – period. No one wants to pay a high price for something, even if they’ve had a hard time finding it. That’s also why we use economical USPS 1st Class mail whenever possible. After all, who wants to pay as much for shipping as they do for the product?

Once you have one, you might just find a home for it in your saddlebag. Chances are, someday down the road it’ll come in handy in dealing with an inopportune dead cell phone battery. Just think of your “Hero” status upon being the one to pull this gizmo out when the need occurs.

Who doesn’t know the helpless feeling that comes when standing there with a dead cell phone – when you need to use it…???

Once in a while, I get questioned about the possibility of draining of one’s battery. Trust me, I’ve left a cell phone charging off my bike’s battery while I was away from the bike for several hours – no problem… Now, I can think of conditions under which one might not get away with this – a la, battery in poor state of charge, charging system not working properly, etc…

I’ll also admit, I’ve started my bike and rode for hours with my cell phone charging off the bike in my saddlebag. There are probably schools of thought that say “don’t do that”, but I do… This may be counter to cell phone manufacturer’s recommendations, but I do it in cars and trucks – no problem. The other consideration might be stealing away from your bike’s charging capacity. If your particular bike’s charging capacity is marginal with respect to loads – you may experience a problem.

In support of my beliefs and experiences above, with pushing several thousand of these assemblies out there being used – no one has come back to me with a story of a problem. Considering this a Blog providing the ability for customers to comment – we see no comments reporting any issues.

Also consider the fact that Deltran, the industry leader in battery maintenance with their line of Battery Tender models, offer a 12V Power Port x SAE 2 Pin connector. In fact, I know of H-D dealers offering these products. Obviously, if their use was an issue – they would be throwing up the flag.

Also consider that some bikers are piling on heated clothing loads, as well. Yet another battery connected quick connect pigtail accessing a bike’s 12 volt battery and charging system power.

So, the concept of tapping into a motorcycle electrical system is nothing new. Although it does need be to be done with forethought and care. Polarity, and fuse protection being two key issues.

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, the Deltran Quick Connect assembly has an integral fuse holder and a 7.5 amp fuse. Therefore, loads need to be limited to less than a total draw of 7.5 amps. Although you won’t approach that maximum with a cell phone charger, you may if you attempt to run a portable tire pump – I’ve seen where some 12V tire pumps draw 8 amps.

With respect to polarity, we have discussed that topic in previous posts, as well. Our Power Port Assembly is of the necessary polarity to work correctly when coupled to a properly installed Deltran Fused Quick Connect pigtail.

To view our products, please see our ecommerce website at:

Please also see our Blog at:

We’d be thrilled to discuss the specifics of Your particular application and answer any questions!

Contact Ray Bowers via cell with call or text at 302-562-1706, or email at:


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Panel Bulkhead 2 Pin Surface Mount w/ Extension – 12 AWG

by on Feb.01, 2017, under Application

In response to a specific Customer request, We put together this assembly.

Panel Bulkhead Surface Mount 2 Pin w/ Enhanced Grip Extension - 12 AWG

Panel Bulkhead Surface Mount 2 Pin w/ Enhanced Grip Extension – 12 AWG

An aspect that makes this assembly particularly useful is that a 13/16″ hole drilled in a panel, bulkhead, or other surface, as necessary to install this Surface Mount Connector, allows our Enhanced Grip Connector body to pass through, as well. This facilitates a very cool installation!

This assembly is of particular benefit to those building a portable power unit with a battery in a battery box. The polarity is set up such that the Enhanced Grip Connector couples correctly with a properly installed Fused Battery Quick Connect. The Surface Mount connector provides an output of the proper polarity.

Surface Mount 2 Pin with Extension showing Polarity

Surface Mount 2 Pin with Extension showing Polarity

For necessary protection, “Battery Quick Connect” assemblies have an integral fuse holder for fuse sized to protect the circuit components, generally based on the current carrying capacity of the conductors. This assembly being 12 AWG, we offer a 12 AWG Fused Quick Connect, as well. Your choice of fuse value can be based on your particular application components, but is limited to the ampacity of 12 AWG.

Fused 2 Pin Battery Quick Connect 12 AWG

Fused 2 Pin Battery Quick Connect 12 AWG

For now, we’re making soldered connections protected with shrink tubing to produce this assembly. If the benefits and value we’re seeing in this assemby become recognized and result in sufficient level of sales, we will produce a manufacturing process finished product.

Surface Mount w Extension showing soldered junctions with heat shrink

Surface Mount w Extension showing soldered junctions with heat shrink

To view our products, please see our ecommerce website at:

Please also see our Blog at:

We’d be thrilled to discuss the specifics of Your particular application and answer any questions!

Contact Ray Bowers via cell with call or text at 302-562-1706, or email at:


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SAE 2 Pin Connector Commercial Application

by on Jan.23, 2015, under SAE 2 Pin

Solar Capitalist LLC and Bohemian Biker LLC are Patriotic American Citizen Owned & Operated Family Business ventures, established in 2008.  We continue to grow Our Product Line in response to Customer desires, and strive to create positive Customer experiences with Our business processes.  This SAE 2 Pin blog is one of the means by which We attempt to capture the attention of those seeking knowledge with respect to, or a Customer oriented source for Top Quality SAE 2 Pin Connectors.

Over the past 7 years, We have grown from a business addressing the needs of individual do-it-yourself Customers, to a business working hand-in-hand with other businesses – making SAE 2 Pin Connectors available in a range of wire gauge and assembly lengths has become Our forte.

We’ve leveraged the needs of businesses seeking large quantities of SAE 2 Pin assemblies, into an opportunity for individuals to obtain SAE 2 Pin assemblies to meet their needs.  Often, the order size of a commercial customer makes production feasible – and thereby precipitates the availability to those requiring even single assemblies.

Customer requirements have also driven Us to widen Our services to include custom assembly to meet application specific needs.  For example, making soldered/heat shrink protected connections.

We are ever vigilant for opportunities to expand Our Product Line, and provide Services that are desired & appreciated by Our Customers.  Often, a product is the culmination of a process involving interaction throughout the development & production processes.

Applications have been encountered that stretch the use of SAE 2 Pin Connectors beyond those of the past, and in some cases – features have been added to facilitate such application.

Engineering background developed during many years spent in a long list of field, residential, commercial and industrial environments have enabled Us to wade through the wide range of specifications that We have encountered.

We have ventured into fields & applications far beyond those We initially set out to address.  This 12 Volt DC Connector is often encountered as a Hopkins Trailer Connector P/N 47965 and sometimes called a 2 pole flat connector and used as a Quick Connect or Disconnect.  What started with motorcycle applications, battery tenders, and portable solar chargers, has transitioned to – what applications are yet to be found for the SAE 2 Pin Connector?

Even more important is an intention toward Customer Focus.  Specific Customer needs & desires are seen as an Opportunity.

Customer inquiries are Always Appreciated, and We remain Ready & Willing to address Yours!

To view our products, please see our ecommerce website at:

Please also see our Blog at:

We’d be thrilled to discuss the specifics of Your particular application and answer any questions!

Contact Ray Bowers via cell with call or text at 302-562-1706, or email at:


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Our Sweet and Simple 12 Volt Power Port x SAE 2 Pin Connector – A Popular Motorcycle Accessory

by on Feb.26, 2012, under Accessories, Application, SAE 2 Pin

Our 12V Power Port Adapter Assembly allows a Biker to tap into his or her motorcycle battery and charging system’s 12 Volt power while on the go.  This handy adapter assembly is designed to specifically address the needs of the Biker with a motorcycle not outfitted with a faring/dash mounted power port.  It facilitates convenient connection to an installed Battery Tender Fused Quick Connect pigtail, and thereby it allows the Biker to charge handheld electronics, such as a cell phone.


Sweet, Simple & Secure – the beauty of this setup is the ability to stow all involved components in an adjacent saddlebag.  In fact,  the design length of our assembly was set on that basis.  We chose SPT-1 cord with 18 AWG leads to minimize thickness –  thereby allowing the ability to close a hard case saddlebag across it without excessively stressing the hinges.  Often using this setup myself, I find it works very well for me.  In the event of traveling rain, obviously this setup would negatively impact the seal and should be avoided.

Not long for reaching 2000 of these assemblies sold, with nothing but positive feedback, continued popularity and sales are certain for this conveniently useful piece of electrical gear.  Many a do-it-yourself type has cobbled together a similar assembly, and it was just a matter of us taking on the manufacture of an optimally designed assembly a little more than 3 years ago.

Cheap insurance at our bargain price of $4.95 + shipping (less than $2.00 for USPS 1st Class shipping here in the US).  One of these adapters could very well save the day in the event yo find yourself in need of a means of communication and your cell phone battery is D-E-A-D.

Here’s a suggestion – consider talking it up with with friends such that you could assemble an order and share the cost of shipping.  Six or eight could still ship via economical USPS 1st Class Mail, 10 or 12 could ship via USPS Priority Flat Rate small box for $5.35.

We were pleased to see our industry partner – Deltran, bring their model to the table.  Outfitted with a 5 foot cord and a tethered cap for the power port socket – this is a great alternative.  A bargain as well at our price of $8.95 + shipping, we carry this model for those desiring its particular features.  This model facilitates the hot set up for a tank bag, or rally bag.

Please comment or email any questions or concerns – we welcome email at:

These and other products are available through our e-commerce website at:  

Here are the links directly to the above assemblies:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as the above, Deltran Battery Tenders & accessories, and Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers & accessories.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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Experiences with the Patriot Guard Riders

by on Feb.22, 2012, under Thoughts

Back a few years, I made a new friend as we were gathered at our local H-D dealer for a benefit ride.  Actually, I made friends with this fellow and his wife.  They intrigued me – not only had they traveled out west on a bike trip, but they were also active with the Patriot Guard Riders… In fact, he is a PGR Ride Captain.

As of my first Miles For Minutes ride a few years ago, I’ve been hooked on rides that support Our Troops.  There was even a thank you “Fly-By” over Hooter’s Bike Night that week…complete with a crew member waving at us from the lowered cargo bay ramp (tethered-off of course)!  The ride and that fly-by both brought me to the verge of tears…

So that was the beginning of my dedication along these lines…then along came Jann, with the same dedication.  Together we make it a point to ride in support of Law Enforcement and Firefighters, as well as our Military.  That’s on top of participating in rides that support other important causes we hold dear.  Somewhere along the way, I had heard about Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) running interference on troublemakers at military funerals, and this had me even more interested in participating (especially considering our proximity Dover Air Force Base, where the bodies of many Fallen Heroes arrive back here in the states).

Jann & I went on the PGR website and signed up.  I received periodic emails concerning planned “missions,” and mostly I thought to myself, “I’d like to participate, but I’m not quite sure what is expected of me…”  Then one day came an email from the PGR State Captain.  Basically, he was hoping to rally increased participation.  I responded with an email explaining that I wanted to participate, but was a little apprehensive about not knowing exactly what was expected, and that I would appreciate buddying-up with a member that would be willing to show me the ropes.  He assigned a PGR Road Captain to that role. Him and I hit it off from the start, and that laid the groundwork for the beginning of my participation in PGR Missions.

My first mission was near the end of December, weather-wise a pretty ugly day.  The PGR Road Captain and I were in close communication, and agreed to “cage-it.”  Our main function was to establish a Flag Line.  So, the lack of Iron Horses would not much matter.  We assembled at the agreed upon McDonald’s, and I was guided through the process each step of the way (including the lending of a Flag).  This mission was carried out at the Veteran’s Cemetery – Delaware, near Summit Bridge.  The family and friends of the Honored, although solemn, were clearly appreciative of our presence.  It was a very moving experience to be present to honor this veteran’s service, and once again – I was hooked.

That my own father, Raymond Bowers, is buried in this very cemetery, and fellow HOG Chapter member buried his father directly adjacent to mine, made this first mission with the Patriot Guard Riders be all the more meaningful to me.

Weeks later came a call from the PGR Road Captain concerning a mission that would take us to Arlington Cemetery.  On this mission I would meet and ride with PGR State Captain.  We met early for breakfast on the morning of the mission, and had a chance to get further acquainted.  Men of similar age with a mission and riding in common, we hit it off from the start.

I’m sure the two of them wondered, “How is this guy going to do riding in formation with us?”  Being no stranger to riding in staggered formation, I did fine – kept tight enough to keep cage drivers from attempting to “shoe horn” their way in between us, stayed alert, and in my position.

Arriving early, we had an opportunity to meet the other PGR members present (mostly men, but a few ladies – all friendly and devoted to this mission).  The Mission Captain covered our assignment, including details of the procedure for entering and traveling through the military base and cemetery.  We established a Flag Line in front of the chapel, and followed the queues of the military personnel.  Both PGR members themselves, the husband of the deceased military woman asked that we file in right behind the hearse as the procession made its way into Arlington and to the grave site.  Graveside, we stood in a line honoring the deceased veteran.  Upon the completion of the graveside service, the thoughtful husband shook the hand and thanked each and every one of us.

Truth is, I am not a veteran.  Sometimes I wish I too had served Our Country.  As things went, when I was coming up on those years my Dad made it extremely clear what was expected of me.  There would be no enlisting; I would go to college.  My Dad had grave fears of me going to Vietnam, which was understandable.  Although I did register, the draft was pretty much over by the time I turned eighteen.  Nonetheless, patriotism and honoring those that have served Our Country is of key importance to me.  I would attribute this mostly to my years in Scouting, and becoming an Eagle Scout.  Being a patriotic citizen is one of the things that have remained with me throughout my life.  I can’t help but feel somewhat lacking in the company of those that served.  It’s not the result of anything they do or say.  It’s just the way it is.

My third mission was a much happier occasion – welcoming the 126th back home to Delaware.  There were quite a few of us when we established a Flag Line along the driveway.  It was a cold nasty morning, but we endured.  Once everyone was inside, we assembled a Flag Line in a hallway through which the members of the would enter.  After Senators Chris Coons and former Governor Tom Carper came though, the 126th was led in by the Delaware State Police Pipe and Drum Team.  It was pretty exciting experience to be there!

Recently, one of the PGR mission notifications included the following quote across the bottom:

“Lest I keep my complacent way I must remember somewhere out there a person died for me today.  As long as there must be war, I ask and I must answer, was I worth dying for?”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote currently seems especially appropriate.  Taking the opportunity to honor Fallen Heroes and those that have served Our Country is such an important thing to be done, yet takes but a small amount of our time and effort relative to what they have contributed.

I asked about keeping a log of missions, and was told something that stuck in my head – “the most important mission is the one we’re doing right now.”  Once said , it dawned on me that each Fallen Hero and every one that served, deserves for the mission honoring them to be the most important one.

A few notes – PGR is not a club – We are volunteers invited by the family of the deceased.  There are 400+ members in Delaware, and over 450,000 members nationally.

Please take a look at the PGR website:  …and join US in assembling to Honor those that have Served Our Country – if you are so inclined!

As always, in addition to your comments here… your comments (and questions) are welcome via email to:

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Heated Clothing COAX x SAE 2 Pin Adapter Assembly Stock

by on Feb.21, 2012, under COAX

Our Heated Clothing COAX x SAE 2 Pin Adapter Assembly has been popular over the past years, and we increased our stock stock in preparation for early Spring 2012 riders!

This handy adapter assembly allows those who would like to avoid installing a 2nd Quick Connect pigtail – in addition to their Deltran Battery Tender Fused Quick Connect pigtail.

In other words, if in lieu of installing the COAX Quick Connect assembly that accompanied your heated clothing, you’d rather tap into your bike’s battery and charging system power via your existing Battery Tender pigtail – we’ve got the adapter for you!

This Heated Clothing COAX x SAE 2 Pin Adapter Assembly couples to the SAE 2 Pin end of your Battery Tender pigtail, making it a quick and convenient alternative to the Heated Clothing Quick Connect assembly.

Understand, you will be limited by the 7.5 amp fuse integral to your Deltran Battery Tender Fused Quick Connect pigtail.  Therefore, you won’t be able to stack up multiple pieces of heated clothing.  You should be fine powering a pair of heated gloves, but it’s important to consult the literature accompanying your heated clothing for the specific amperage draw.

I’ve hooked up and powered my girlfriend Jann’s (Tourmaster) heated gloves in this manner many times with no problem whatsoever.  I generally couple-up the assembly before I mount up (taking a few loops around the rear highway bar adjacent to where my Battery Tender pigtail hangs), and hand the gloves to Jann after she climbs on board.

For additional information (including pictures), please scroll down to similarly titled post dated 4/5/09 (below) under COAX Category.

Please also comment or email any questions or concerns – we welcome email at:

These and other products are available through our e-commerce website at:  

Here’s the link directly to the above assembly:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as the above, Deltran Battery Tenders & accessories, and Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers & accessories.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !


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Speaking of Zen…

by on Oct.13, 2011, under Afield

Speaking of Zen… and thoughts of Robert Pirsig’s book – “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – An Inquiry into Values”…  I find interesting the manner in which we individually relate to technology… and furthermore, how we relate to technology and nature…

As demonstrated by two of the main characters in this work, some of us are all over technology…  Some of us use it, but don’t care to know any more than we have to…beyond turning it on.  Seems there are some similarly “hot” to “cold” attitudes with respect to nature, and spending time in the outdoors…especially if it involves any exposure to the elements, or distance from plumbing and electricity.  Many of us are somewhere in between, in both areas.

Sometimes I think of myself as somewhat of an anomaly.  Being an engineer, you’d think I’d be all up in technology.  I am intrigued with technology, but my willingness to delve into it is somewhat limited.  I see myself as being utility-minded, i.e., I want to know enough to use it effectively, and be able to fix it myself when necessary.

A relatively simple man, I’m not interested in being up on all the latest gizmos and their technology.  For example, I have no GPS…no satellite radio, etc.  My interests are more along the line of the essentials, and being prepared for adverse circumstances and potential repairs.  A cell phone charging adapter, portable air pump, and an electrical multi-tester are more along the lines of my focus.

With respect to nature, I’m all over that.  Raised the son of an avid hunter and fisherman, I was spoon-fed “woodsman” from the age of 5 or so.  I have fond memories of being with my Dad in the snowy woods, heating lunch over a fire, and plinking with his .22 rifle.  Even my Mom played a roll in my youthful education as an outdoorsman – we worked as a team in the “processing” of wild game for the table.

My Dad saw to it that the Boy Scouts played a major role in my development as a woodsman, as well as a citizen.  The many merit badges and required activities necessary to become an Eagle Scout gave me a well-rounded education in a number of areas.  My leadership skills no doubt also have their roots here.

Two accomplishments were the focus of my teenage years – attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, and being college bound.  My grades didn’t add up to what my high school guidance counselor would call “college material” (as she informed me upon being initially turned down by the University of Delaware).  Attending continuing education classes at night for the first year were necessary for me to show I was worthy of the chance to attend full-time.

Applying as an Agriculture Major was also key to my acceptance, although that was in line with my interest in Forestry at that time.  It was an Introduction to Agricultural Engineering class during my first year as a full-time student that really grabbed me .  I was beginning to visualize a career that would leverage on my interest in things mechanical, as well as nature and the outdoors.  Ag Engineering (as we called it) was a mix of the theory necessary for understanding, practical knowledge, and lots of hands on application – this was the place for me.

Of all places, my career got it’s start in an oil refinery as a process operator.  From there I moved onto the nuclear power industry, became interested in welding and certified as a welding inspector.  The nuclear power industry kept me busy for 12 years or so, but the itch for the outdoors finally got to me.  I bailed, and became a Teacher/Naturalist and manager of programs for the public for a non-profit nature center.  From there, a full-time Hunter Education Instructor for a state Fish & Wildlife division, which included becoming a shooting instructor trainer.  Again, a mixture of things mechanical and nature.

I would offer that I have limited my time spent delving deeper into technology to leave time for other things that interest me, for example, business.  Owning and running a small business interested me enough to have me begin attending business development classes when I was in my early 30’s.  One of the points driven home with me was that as a small business owner/operator one must wear many hats, and one would only have time to delve so far into any one area.  Therefore, it was of key importance to build a network of advisors with whom to consult, complimenting one’s own limited depth on any one area.

I apply this same allocation of time and attention to how I relate to motorcycling.  I pay little attention to the latest models, and bells & whistles, but I pay significant attention to maintaining our bikes, and riding itself.  The other thing I pay significant attention to is the social aspect of riding, i.e., meeting and interacting with people along the way.

As it is with many things in life…it’s all about choices.  There’s only so much time, and one must choose how to allocate that time.  More in one area, means less in another.  If you’ve read John Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” you get that it’s best to make those choices on the basis of a personal system of priorities.

So, how do I relate to technology?  I find it intriguing, but I try to limit my attention to it because there are other areas of my life that need my time and attention.  How do I relate to nature and the outdoors?  Since attention to them is good for my head, and I have trouble taking time for me…I have trouble making time for them.  I strive to take time for them, because I know that time spent in the outdoors enjoying nature has a positive impact on us.  As I’ve written before, it helps us get re-centered.  The fresh air and exercise is good for our bodies, as well.

I have more to add on the topic of how I relate to technology and nature together, but I’ll save that for another post.

Enough for now…


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Spiritual Hours spent Afoot Afield

by on Oct.11, 2011, under Afield, Thoughts

I find time I spend on foot in the field to be thought-provoking… ranging from thoughts of time spent with my Dad, scouting around, fishing and hunting… and things he taught me about nature… to how much I appreciate the smell of the woods…

For someone that generally needs to be feeling like he’s doing something “constructive”… this is a welcome break from life coming at you at lightning speed.

It’s like permission to clear one’s mind, appreciate the beauty of nature, think about things other than the usual, and observe… somewhat “re-centering”… giving you a chance to step back and ask yourself… “what’s been going on here?”  and…  “what’s really important?”

I find this helpful each and every time I take the time to do it, and I find myself thinking… “you see how good this is for you… so, why don’t you do it more often?”  Truth is… it’s tough to carve out the time for it, but it is indeed good for the head… and body.  Mind, body, and soul… all that stuff – LOL

Fishing and hunting is often just a reason, or maybe an excuse for me to get out and do it… and therefore catching something, or harvesting something, becomes less important…  This is where more of a Zen-like attitude towards fishing and hunting comes in… relaxing, and not being “attached to” a specific outcome…

Speaking of Zen… and thoughts of Pirsig’s book – “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – An Inquiry into Values”…  a number of other associated topics about which to write in the future, occur to me…  For example, the manner in which we individually relate to technology… and furthermore, how we relate to both nature and technology…

BTW – I would especially appreciate the input of someone who could educate me about how to facilitate the “following” of interested readers, commenters – bloggers…  Please comment as such, or email me at:

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New Category of Posts emerging from time spent Afoot Afield

by on Oct.10, 2011, under Afield, Hello World!, Solar, Thoughts

While recently spending some time “Afoot Afield”, it occurred to me to create a post Category for just that… thoughts, topics, observations emerging from time spent “on foot…in the field”.  Somewhat similar to time spent “on a bike…on the road” in terms of opportunity and atmosphere, being on foot in the field can be an opportunity for reflection, and thoughts prompted by something other than life’s events coming at you at lightning speed.  Time spent in the quiet of being on foot in natural surroundings can be similarly spiritual, minus the mind-cleansing wind in your face.

This Category will also lend itself well to discussions related to the use of portable solar charging equipment in the field.  Beyond discussions, pictures (and maybe even videos) will no doubt be of interest and encourage understanding.

I am finding my 4G iPhone indispensible while afield – not just a means of maintaining communication, I am often using the additional “smartphone” features.  That use results in battery drainage, and the need to maintain sufficient charge.  Enter the convenient, portable, charging means – capitalizing on the sun’s energy !!!

Something probably not often recognized – that USB connection charging means is based on 5 volts.  Therefore, not only does your 12 volt charger step that 12V down to 5V, but the 110 volt charger does as well.  5 volts DC is within relatively easy reach via one of our Global SUNLINQ – USB Plus portable solar chargers.

I am finding that not only is my smartphone enabling me to “stay connected”,  but often address things as they occur to me, or at least make notes.  Speaking of notes – here’s an example of how I have used my smartphone’s features in the field.  While scouting deerstand sites established by a local state park, I recorded pertintent notes at each using my smartphone.  Now, when I’m participating in the deerstand lottery drawing on a particular day… and must quickly decide which remaining stand to chose… I can quickly consult the smartphone field notes I recorded while scouting each stand prior to the season.

I doubt I need to bring up very many smartphone features/applications before those participating in outdoors recreation see the light, if they haven’t already.  Capitalizing on the Sun’s Energy by outfitting oneself with the means for portable solar charging of handheld electronics… makes a lot of sense.

Much like recognizing that your cell phone is dead as you prepare to take off on your motorcycle – recognizing the same as you leave to go afield hunting or fishing presents a similar dilemma, but one with the further complication of there not being a motorcycle battery and charging system from which to draw 12 volt power.

Since you’re afield hunting or fishing (hiking, camping, canoeing, or kayaking), there is the Sun from which to derive energy.  Yes – it could be as easy as pictured above.   With Sunlight available, a Portable Solar Charger like the Global Solar SUNLINQ – USB Plus unit with a USB output connector could do the trick for you.

So, the USB Plus might become a vital component to be included in your daypack, or backpack.  Since your cell phone is no doubt critical to your ability to communicate in an emergency, planning for its charging is important, if not critical.  In fact, the USB Plus could be used to charge your GPS, or other handheld electronics with a USB connection.

The Global Solar SUNLINQ – USB Plus is available via our ecommerce store at:

Here’s a direct link to the listing:

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers, as well as Deltran Battery Tenders (including solar powered units) and related SAE 2 Pin connectors, leads, and adapters.

Bohemian Biker LLC and Solar Capitalist LLC are authorized dealers for both the Global Solar and Deltran lines of products.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !







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Heavy SAE 2 Pin Cable Assemblies

by on Oct.08, 2011, under Application, SAE 2 Pin, Solar

This is a display we constructed showing our Heavy SAE 2 Pin Cable Assemblies designed for handling higher amperages:

These are SAE 2 Pin cables assembled with 12 AWG (left, and left top), and 10 AWG (remainder) with Black insulation – allowing their use regardless of application with respect to polarity (i.e., without conflicting with standard polarity/insulation color practices).

Manufactured here in the USA to our specifications, and using the same sturdy, high quality SAE 2 Pin connectors for which we’ve become known .

In response to the desires communicated by customers – we have been contracting the manufacture of a wider and wider variety of SAE 2 Pin connector assemblies with both 12 AWG and 10 AWG wire.  These assemblies have been developed to meet the needs of the do-it-yourselfer, be they portable solar power enthusiasts, or a Biker.  Certainly there are others – we’ve outfitted customers with projects ranging from equipping a tractor for connection to a 12 volt spray unit, to HAM radio operators wanting a heavy gauge power feed.

Being a Biker myself, I had a burning desire to have a heavier gauge “pigtail” hanging from my ’01 Road King’s battery to support “jumping” the battery without having to remove the seat.  Always the Boy Scout – I am dedicated to “Being Prepared”, and being an Engineer, as well – I am dedicated to coming up with the means.  SAE 2 Pin connectors with 10 AWG pigtails and cables was the answer to my plan (and that of other Bikers, as well) , and so I contracted to have them manufactured.

Now, it was not my intention to to have an integral fuse in this heavy gauge pigtail – which clearly violates protocol.  Thinking in terms of this as a primary component in a “jumper rig” – I didn’t want the added complication (knowing full well, I’d have to pay especially close attention to the absence of a fuse in this pigtail assembly).  I must warn that this is a personal choice and responsibilty one is taking – not only by installing a pigtail without an integral fuse, but by “jumping” a motorcycle, as well.  Understand – there is a chance you might fry something by doing so.  I’ve done some research to educate myself along these lines, and I suggest anyone else do the same.  You have been warned !!!

Additional Blog Posts pertinent to the above products can be found via headings at the top of webpage.  Note – It is very important for anyone attempting to use these assemblies to have a clear understanding of electrical concepts such as “polarity”.  We highly recommend educating oneself along this line.

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Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company specializing in the Deltran line of Battery Tenders and accessories(including solar powered units), Global SUNLINQ Portable Solar Chargers and accessories, as well as, SAE 2 Pin connectors, leads, and cable assemblies.

Bohemian Biker LLC and Solar Capitalist LLC are authorized dealers for both the Global Solar and Deltran lines of products.

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