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by on Mar.11, 2011, under Thoughts

So, I’m going to head off in a new direction here – prompted by thoughts emerging from my post on buying American (“Made in America”).

Let me start like this…  throughout my life (here at the age of 55), I have noticed how often people poo poo, or deny the suggestion or identification of “something awry”…

Today, I had a “Blinding Flash of the Obvious” – to use a phrase credited to motivational writer/speaker, Tom Peters (I believe in his book “In Search of Excellence”).  

It occurred to me that people might often poo poo, or deny the suggestion or identification of “something awry”…because it would then cry out for attention, and of course… that might call them into action.

Wow…  that would be like “taking responsibility” for something…

Conversely, if we poo poo and deny…  we can potentially side-step “responsibility” for that task…

Oh boy, now we have the whole topic of “integrity” creeping into the conversation…, i.e., as long as no one else calls us on it, and we can avoid confronting ourselves about it – we’re home free !!!

But if our friends are true enough to call us on it, or if we do have “integrity” with our self – we’re going to find ourselves taking responsibility for things that need to be addressed.

Now we can’t be taking responsibility for, and getting in-action on too many things…after all, we can only do so much.

The answer may lye in the “First Things First” approach discussed by Stephen R. Covey in his book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Certainly, it is incumbent upon us all to determine what’s important to us in a “top down” manner, and take action accordingly.

For example, if we profess that our family is most important to us – then when “something awry” emerges in our family…like a family member needing attention, or care – we are called to acknowledge it, and take action accordingly.


An alternative might be to do this – “if I don’t see it…it doesn’t exist”, and off we go on our merry way…most likely leaving it for others to address.

Now, pertinent to my little company here – if I recognize something is awry, guess where the buck stops?

I can certainly get help if I need it, but if I don’t take responsibility for taking responsibility – there’s No One else here to call me on it!

Back when I was teaching Hunter Education full-time, I used to have a conversation about this very topic with my students.

Obviously, when you’re out there in the woods…most often, there’s No One around to call You on “Not Taking Responsibility” for something – be it abiding by game laws, or your own safety (like treestand safety – wearing a safety harness).

On a grander scale – the predicament of Our Country. 

Seems “Taking Responsibility”, or not…is at the center of many of the  issues at hand, i.e., taking responsibility for Our Own Education, Our Own Finances, Our Own Health, OUR OWN BEHAVIOR !!!


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